How long is a session?

A standard session is 60 minutes.

What’s considered a connection/conversation?

A connection or conversation happens when we put you directly on the phone line with the individual you are trying to reach.

How many agents are on my account?

You will have a trained team of 8 reps deployed and working parallel with your sales team during each session.

What if I get multiple connections at once?

The MonsterConnect System identifies screens and prevents multiple connections from being delivered to your sales team.

What do the agents say to the prospect?

The MonsterConnect agents never speak directly to your prospects.

How can I buy?

We provide several ways to purchase our solution. The two most common packages are by the hour and by the connection.

A. By The Hour – Our flagship product is hourly. Your team buys a block of hours and uses these hours quarterly or annually. These hours are backed by the industry standard 5 connections per hour guarantee. Most clients see an average of 12 connections per session. This is typically the most cost effective way to consume.
B. By The Connection – Your second option is to purchase a block of connections that can be used on a quarterly or annual basis. This option allocates for minimum risk and flat cost purchasing.
C. Alternative Pricing – We do offer additional pricing arrangements on a case by case basis.

What’s the average number of sessions your clients typically use?

This varies based on the size of the team and their overall potential client universe. Almost all of our clients use our services weekly and use 2 – 3 hours per week per sales rep. Some of our enterprising clients use the service daily, but due to the volume of activity that each session creates, most clients are limited based on the amount of follow-up activity generated.

What if I am connected to someone who is not on my list?

If you are connected to someone who is not on your list, it does not count toward your guarantee.

Do you provide reporting?

After each sessions you will receive 3 reports.

a. An overview of the calls you handled (See Report)

b. An overview of the calls made by your team (See Report)

c. An excel spreadsheet with call activity for each call placed by the MonsterConnect team. (See Reports Page)

Who provides the contact list?

Our clients provide their own contact lists or database. We do not source or develop lists, but we do recommend several partners who provide excellent and accurate data. (Mintigo, Jigsaw, Cardbrowser)

A. Mintigo

B. Cardbrowser

C. Jigsaw

D. Netprospex

Is MonsterConnect a predictive dialer?

No – MonsterConnect is not a predictive dialer. Predictive dialers use voice recognition technology and statistical algorithms that anticipate when targets will answer the phone.

Is MonsterConnect a power dialer?

No – MonsterConnect is not a power dialer. Power dialers also use a dialing engine to initiate calls.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”What makes MonsterConnect so different from your competitors?

Price, Flexibility, Guarantee

Is there a delay?

No – The live conversation connection is delivered on a proprietary SIP platform that merges the calls on a pre-existing connection, allowing the interaction to be initiated in 2/10 of a second and is undetectable by the human ear.

Don’t we pay our sales team to make calls?

That might be part of their job description, but your sales rep’s real focus should be on selling and closing deals. We have found most executive level sales reps don’t want to feel like telemarketers; the grind of making outbound calls is so draining. Companies spend a substantial amount of time and effort investing in morale, sales leaders, and consultants, but real momentum comes not from jazzy self-help speeches, but having the right live conversations that generate high quality sales leads and feeling like you are getting clients through the sales cycle.

Couldn’t we use a dialer and get the same results?

In most cases, predictive dialers are totally ineffective calling into business environments. Predictive dialers only increase call volume not live conversations. Due to the complex obstacles and department hierarchy, predictive dialers only increase the number of dials made into phone prompts and phone trees but do not typically result in increased conversations.

What is your secret sauce? How can you get prospects on the phone and we can’t?

The answer is math, technology, and approach. By placing a concentrated number of calls in a specific time range, you increase the probability that your end target will answer the phone. Our technology allows us to switch calls in .002 seconds, and our live agents have a professional, courteous, non-leading approach.