Conversations Delivered.

Ditch cold calling and connect with 8-12 decision-makers per hour—without the need to dial.

We make the calls, you close the deals.

MonsterConnect accelerates lead generation for B2B sales organizations through a consistent stream of live phone connections with decision-making prospects. Our unmatched blend of fast dialing and routing technology, efficient outbound prospecting service, and scalable community of live agents delivers a week’s worth of prospecting in just one hour for 40X better results.


We Increase Live Conversations for More B2B Sales Lead Generation

Community of Friendly & Focused Agents

Our scalable community of dialing agents comprises accent-neutral, fluent English speakers from the United States and nearby locations. They deliver 150-200 calls and 8-12 conversations with decision-makers per hour, navigating phone trees and minimizing call transfer latency for a smooth, seamless experience.

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High-Return Outbound Prospecting

On average, it takes 21 calls to generate one live conversation, and sales reps make an average of 47 calls per day. One hour of MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing equates to an entire week of prospecting activity from the average sales rep, delivering 40 times better results and more closed deals.

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Dynamic Routing & Team Dialing Technology

Start a calling session in 3 clicks, with little to no training required. When our agents get a prospect on the line, they’ll deliver the connection to your sales rep in about two-tenths of a second for a seamless transfer, undetectable to the human ear. Our tight integration with Salesforce® provides added efficiencies.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

MonsterConnect's team is very responsive and dedicated to their customers to help in any way they can to improve your MonsterConnect experience.

Suzanne Q.Sales & Marketing Coordinator at a Logistics Company

We experienced a huge increase in the number of qualified conversations per hour using MonsterConnect.

Adam V.Partner at Supply Chain Company

MonsterConnect valued our feedback and they listened and even solicited our comments, wishes and suggestions.

Mike R.Director of Business Development at a Logistics Company

Using Monster has increased the volume of our business and increased productivity immensely.

Adam E.Director of Special Projects at a Demand Gen Company

MonsterConnect allowed us to reduce 40 hours of cold calling a week to 4.

David R.Founder & President of Sales Prospecting Company

With MonsterConneect, I’m able to reach more people without increasing headcount.

Craig C.Director of Sales Operations at Enterprise Risk Management Company
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Stop Dialing, Start Closing.

Use MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing solution to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.

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