Because time is money, MonsterConnect integrates with all your team's favorite Sales and Marketing tools. Let us make it easy and automate everything for you.



  1. Bi-directional integrations – all changes that happen in MonsterConnect report back to CRM, all changes that happen in CRM syncs back to Monster Connect.
    1. All activities gets pushed back into CRMs
    1. Seamlessly bring in targeted leads to call on from CRM into MonsterConnect.

    Sales Engagement

    Monster Connect absorbs all the calling tasks for your Sequences/Cadences. Once your calling tasks are ready to be called on, bring them into MC to dial through in a fraction of the time. All the leads move onto the next step in your Sequence/Cadence automatically in the background so you never miss a beat.


    Sales Intelligence

    All conversations that happen in MC get pushed back into your Sales Intelligence tool.


    Our most popular integrations

    Salesforce Integration

    If your sales team uses Salesforce®, you can easily deploy data into our fully integrated Team Dialing software. MonsterConnect provides a turnkey integration with your professional or enterprise Salesforce® app, almost instantly.
    1. Just click “Ready” and begin receiving live conversations via Salesforce®.
    1. MonsterConnect’s Salesforce® integration is built for easy deployment and on-the-fly dialing.
    1. MonsterConnect’s Salesforce® integration enables you to easily create campaigns, load lists, and deploy calling sessions in a matter of clicks.
    1. Track and update individual leads in Salesforce® for on-the-fly reporting.

    Happy customers are the best customers​​

    Pipedrive Integration

    For all Pipedrive users, we understand the importance of automating leads! Don’t miss anything by integrating this app with Monster Connect.
    1. Import lists of leads in less than a minute
    1. Leads with segmentation criteria from Pipedrive to Monster Connect
    1. Client manager users can delegate a list to another user within their organization
    1. Track and update individual leads in Salesforce® for on-the-fly reporting.
    1. Start calling without needing to wait for all the lists to be imported! Monster Connect will continue importing your list even if you start Cold Calling.
    1. Track your complete phone calls in Pipedrive live! With all the information you might need.
    1. Lead status automation will help your Pipedrive app know what you are doing in Monster Connect.
    1. Pipedrive leads are updated automatically to capture any changes made in Pipedrive.
  • Salesloft Integration

    Because we know how important is to follow up on every touchpoint of your prospect journey, we integrate and automatize every step of the process.
    1. Import any list of your Salesloft cadence phone calls steps.
    1. In just 1 click, access your Salesloft leads record in our Monster Connect Software.
    1. As your leads move in and out from your cadence phone call steps, the Monster Connect list updates to remain in sync as your prospect data changes.
  • Outreach Integration

    Hubspot Integration

    Gong Integration

    Stop Dialing, Start Closing.

    Use MonsterConnect's Team Dialing solution to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.