Our Story

MonsterConnect was founded in January of 2011 by Brad Seaman and Nick Bradley. Before MonsterConnect, Brad ran sales teams of up to 125 reps. He began by analyzing behavior of his highest performing (and often highest paid) inside sales reps and quantifying the amount of time spent on various selling activities. The most productive reps were the ones that were most skilled connecting and having conversations with actual decision makers. While these top performing reps did make more calls than the average, the % of time spent talking versus dialing was exponentially higher. Turnover among these top performers was very high with the most common reason being they felt their time was not valued and skills were not being utilized because such a large portion of work activity was spent dialing and getting a decision maker on the phone.

The idea for MonsterConnect was born out of Brad’s two separate experiences managing outbound inside sales teams within the mortgage industry and B2B technology sales. Developing processes to immediately transfer interested parties to a validation agent who would “requalify” prospects before they were sent to a mortgage officer, allowed his organization to get the maximum value out of the highest-compensated employee’s time. The second part of the concept came from utilizing outbound telemarketing agents in the B2B technology industry to connect and qualify leads that came from marketing and business development activities. This accelerated the time to connect with prospects, navigate phone trees, IVRs and administrative assistants, but these lead qualification reps were not as capable to persuade and qualify a decision maker. Putting that decision maker on hold while routing to a sales rep, was another tactic, but required prospects to repeat themselves and was not an efficient use of their time.

So Brad decided to combine these processes by taking the best of both while integrating the latest dialing and routing technologies to provide a simply, quick, efficient service to best utilize the prospect’s and sales rep’s time. This is the foundation of Conversations-as-a-Service offered by MonsterConnect today.

Conversations-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a comprehensive approach to Prospecting Enablement. Streamlining sales prospecting activities with people, process and technology, CaaS provides our clients with automated dialing and routing, and provides an entire community of live prospecting agents to navigate phone trees and IVRs while providing a pleasant sales prospecting experience when engaging with administrative assistants and gatekeepers. Once a live connection is made with a decision maker, the calls is nearly instantaneously routed to our client’s sales rep in 2 tenths of a second. (Unnoticeable to the human ear) This allows our clients to best utilize the time of sales reps, and focus their activities on qualifying and closing business.

A Sales Partnership: We dial, connect and deliver conversations on demand; our clients qualify and close the sale.

Building this business model took three years to build and legitimize. Our self-funded model was financed through client growth and a commitment to providing a fast and friendly call experience.

We are often asked about our secret to success, it is no secret but is simply providing the fastest, most efficient way to connect with decision making prospects utilizing the best people, processes, and technology available. Our approach is 90% science and 10% magic. The science is executing simple prospecting activities more efficiently than anyone else and the magic being the culture and values we instill in every employee that works for MonsterConnect providing an energizing experience to our client’s sales teams.