Client Testimonials

Paul Sial

Paul S.

Director, Business Development for a Software Company

In 2011, our founders left IBM to start a company and solve a problem we saw many organizations facing: lots of Excel spreadsheets in Finance and Accounting departments and no technology out there to work with those spreadsheets. Instead, only expensive solutions were available that mimicked and replaced Excel, leaving end users frustrated.

Shortly after the company was founded, we had a couple of people experienced with cold calling join the team. Since Vena Solutions was just starting out with no name to lean on, no marketing department and no field reps, we knew we needed a way to let our Business Development skills come out a shine. However, we were still only a small team and thus limited by how many people we could actually hire to engage with decision-makers.

Because of these limitations, MonsterConnect was something that we immediately wanted to pursue. We knew this would be a way to multiply the people we talked to and it essentially allowed us to focus our efforts. This focused effort allowed us to divert all of the time we spent finding new contacts, dialing through extension trees and negotiation with EA’s instead to dedicating all of our time to the most basic revenue action of any organization: talking to prospective clients.

The net result was that—in our early years, before we had dedicated departments and hundreds of employees—we were able to accelerate our growth using the benefits of the MonsterConnect service. A large portion of our first 50 clients were spawned as a result of initial conversations that took place during a MonsterConnect session. Examples include Canadian package delivery heavyweight, Canpar Courier, which was a direct results of a conversation that took place on a Monster call. US wind energy giant First Wind, out of Maine, was also the result of an early Monster call.

With the help of MonsterConnect’s services, we are on our way to being a multi-million dollar major software company.



Suzanne Q.

Sales & Marketing Coordinator at a Logistics Company

Before we started using MonsterConnect, the Directors of Business Development would spend hours making a few phone calls to only get prospects’ voice mails and rarely get in touch with their contact.  It would take them an entire week to touch as many prospects as it does now within one hour of using MonsterConnect.  We needed a tool to help them get in touch with more prospects and help fill their pipeline quicker.

In the little amount of time we use MonsterConnect a week, our results from having the tool has been outstanding; from the amount of contacts we reach and touches we make with our prospects, that has truly made a difference.  In fact, our most recent signed customers were first contacted using the MonsterConnect tool to get a hold of the contact at the company.  We consider this our ROI with MonsterConnect.  We may have never reached them if it weren't for MonsterConnect.

The feature that really makes a difference is having multiple agents calling on your behalf at one time.  Our Directors of Business Development touch 8x more qualified prospects in a shorter amount of time.  More conversations are had which leads to more meetings and a fuller pipeline.  Our Directors of Business Development can spend more time qualifying companies while touching more prospects.  Two other features that really make a difference in our prospecting efforts is being able to schedule your time with MonsterConnect when you are available and the agents leave a voice mail when the contact is not available.  The voice mail option allows our team to have a lot more touches with their prospects.

MonsterConnect's team is phenomenal to work with.  Our team met the owner of the company Brad, and he was great about explaining and showing us how their services worked before we made the decision to sign our first contract.  MonsterConnect's team is very responsive and dedicated to their customers to help in any way they can to improve your MonsterConnect experience. They’re always continuing to provide improvements and updates to their services.

MonsterConnect makes prospecting fun and exciting.  We could not imagine what it would be like not using this as a prospecting tool.


Mike Rootes

Mike R.

Director of Business Development at a Logistics Company

Life before MonsterConnect was painstakingly laborious. As one who spends most of his office time making phone calls, the process of making them was inefficient at best. Starting with the dialing, it was not unusual to mistype a number on the phone, causing me to start the dialing over. When I reached the automated system, I had to listen to the prompts for guidance on which entry to make, at which point I most often reached voice mail or a screener. This laborious process never allowed me to make more than 15-20 dials in an hour.

The efficiencies gained in the cold calling aspect of my business are phenomenal. In a given week, I might make 200 dials but with MonsterConnect, I would have that number of dials made in 90 minutes.

I have several favorite features about MonsterConnect. The three that come to mind are one, the MonsterConnect agents dial the calls through their own dialing system and they show up as a local number to the person being called. Second, MonsterConnect will allocate several agents at a time to reach my contact list, ultimately making well over 100 dials per hour. Third, MonsterConnect produces a detailed session report which details the results of each attempted dial. This allows me to see if my contact information is up to date as well.

MonsterConnect exceeded our expectations. First, MonsterConnect valued our feedback. They listened and even solicited our comments, wishes and suggestions. In many cases, that resulted in program changes that made our work even more efficient. Second, seeing the agents (often ten or more at a time) online reaching out to your contacts is surreal. The service actually worked as described, and seeing it happen before my eyes made it all the more credible.



David R.

Founder & President of Sales Prospecting Company

Before we started using MonsterConnect, cold calling was getting more and more difficult each year with the decision-maker connection rate getting lower and lower. Since that connection rate was so low, I knew it was time for a change. One of my clients was already using [MonsterConnect] successfully, and I was intrigued by the simplicity of the service. We saw the following results when we started using MonsterConnect:

  • We are a telemarketing company, and it was costing our clients an average of $200 for us to product one telephone appointment where they actually got to have a conversation with the prospect. Now, we can give them 10-12 conversations per hour at a cost of $15-$17 each.
  • 40 hours of cold calling is reduced to 4 hours.

Both the service and the company have exceeded my expectations. Missing out on this is like continuing to type on a typewriter when a computer is available that will make you 10 times more productive.


Adam Edelman

Adam E.

Director of Special Projects at a Demand Gen Company

Before we started using MonsterConnect, we were not nearly as efficient or productive.

The biggest issue was simply reaching enough prospects to meet our goals and connecting at an adequate rate. Using Monster has allowed these things to happen, and it has increased the volume of our business and increased productivity immensely.

The MonsterConnect process is extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use. The efficiency that the service provides is also very important, providing us consistent results. Furthermore, the reporting features are wonderful and the customer service is excellent.

Several hours each day are saved by the efficiency that Monster provides. I believe in this service and would recommend seeing the results first-hand, and I am certain most will not be disappointed.


Craig Creuziger

Craig C.

Director of Sales Operations at Enterprise Risk Management Company

MonsterConnect is better than software-based-auto dialers because they’ve essentially removed the transfer delay experience with most auto-dialers and their agents (cold callers) are trained to break through gatekeepers. It essentially acts as a “time machine”, allowing your reps to turn through 150 – 175 dials an hour, ultimately getting you to prospects faster. It also lets you test marketing messages faster.

It’ll get you to the deals you’re going to win 5 times faster. Here is what I’ve experienced so far:

  • Cost per demo fell 60%
  • Cost per sales opportunity fell 34%
  • Lead generation increased 50%

With MonsterConneect, I’m able to reach more people without increasing headcount.