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to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.

Dynamic Routing and Team Dialing Technology

Our unmatched blend of fast dialing and routing technology, efficient outbound prospecting service, and scalable community of live agents delivers a week’s worth of prospecting in just one hour for 40X better results. We make the calls, you close the deals.

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What do you like best?

MonsterConnect makes around 100 dials on my behalf in an hour. When they reach a decision maker on my behalf that decision maker only hears my voice. MonsterConnect is simply doing the work of the phone trees and gatekeepers.

Values and Beliefs

At Monster Connect, we are on a mission to help every sales team save 10x time while doing cold calls. We are the fastest way to build a sales pipeline for every sales team. We allow teams to increase conversations, appointments, and revenue by even 40x times.

Why do we care? Because we believe that time is the most valuable asset to every company. We are a technology-enabled sales acceleration service providing B2B sales organizations with a consistent stream of live phone connections with decision-making prospects. “We Make the Calls, Your Sales Team Close the Deals.”

We want to be a platform for good work, good people, and good pay.

Good Work

Challenging, Interesting, Stimulating

Good People

Positive, Self-Starting, Supportive

Good Pay

Competitive Market Rate Pay

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