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What if your sales team could stop dialing for prospects and fill their time with live conversations with decision-makers instead?

How would a 40X improvement in prospecting productivity impact your revenue goals?

It’s an outcome MonsterConnect clients consistently achieve through our technology-enabled prospecting acceleration service, including:

  • An average of 8-12 conversations with decision-making prospects per hour. Our guarantee: a minimum average of 5 live connections per hour.
  • 40 times better results than a typical sales rep’s prospecting activity. One hour of MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing equates to an entire week of prospecting activity by the average sales rep.
  • Our simple-to-use interface makes it easy to start a calling session in 3 clicks: click, click, BOOM!
  • Our tight integration with Salesforce® gives you even greater convenience and efficiencies.
Stop dialing and start closing.

Don’t waste another minute: Request a demo of our prospecting acceleration service by completing the form below today.

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