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Today on the podcast is Karen Hite, co-founder of Hite Digital. They are changing the way Digital Marketing is done. Their Franchise model has allowed them to improve the lifestyle of agency owners by providing all the tools, knowledge, systems, and resources so they can focus on what they love most: connecting with people and providing results.

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Building Leaders with Karen Hite

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Today on the podcast is Karen Hite, co-founder of Hite Digital. They are changing the way Digital Marketing is done. Their Franchise model has allowed them to improve the lifestyle of agency owners by providing all the tools, knowledge, systems, and resources so they can focus on what they love most: connecting with people and providing results.

[00:00:00] Welcome to Decision Point, a podcast about overcoming adversity in sales and the growth that we experience in the process. I’m Brad Seas.

Why? Why don’t you just go ahead and start walking us through your story. Okay. Um, I’m Karen Height. Um, I’m from Nicaragua and I own an digital marketing agency. We are with my husband. We are a franchise model, so that’s a little bit different from most agencies out there. And we serve in the US so like our, all of our franchisees are in the us.

We have 25 locations right now. Um, and. The United States and, but we, all of our team is from Nicaragua, so it’s a really cool thing where we’re mixing, uh, two cultures and creating a win-win situation for everybody. We’re very focused on creating stability, not only for our teams, um, but mainly for this industry.

I think we can do a lot of. Cool stuff for people [00:01:00] and help them with their brand and help them with like, getting their reach where they need to go and, and help this business owners get their message out there to the right people. Um, and, and I think we can create a lot of stability in the digital marketing space.

So we’re helping through the franchise model to help agency owners that are really wanting to like, create that impact for businesses, but that are lacking some of the tools, the operational knowledge, um, the structure that they need to, to have in order to like grow and scale their. Yes. Now, what’d you guys do before you got into the market?

Well, we actually, before we started Height, um, I was working actually simultaneously. It’s kind of like one of the stories that that’s, that’s probably what we’re gonna talk today about the struggle. We, JC and I, we used to work at another agency. Um, he was very much in the service, um, department and fulfillment.

I was a sales operation manager at that time. Um, and it was an 85,000 agency as well. We had a minority, [00:02:00] um, share in there and it was one of those places where it was very much like Wolf of Wall Street, so , it was very, very interesting. Um, and, and before that, Daisy was in finance banking. Um, and I, I was always in, in marketing in some ways and, and then I went into sales, uh, operations and then I continued to be more in.

So you guys kind of hit an inflection point where you’re like, oh, hey, we can do this. Well, yes and no. We actually felt like we were just like, that’s what we knew at that point. Um, we got pregnant, so we were six, seven months pregnant, um, at the time. And it was, it got to the point where we felt that, , um, our valley’s different.

That definitely didn’t align with the company we’re working at, at that point, and it was, okay, we’re pregnant. We’re bringing another human being to this world. Like who, who are we? I feel like every parent goes through that when they’re gonna, you know, Welcome a a baby. It’s like, who am I right now? Am I doing the best I can?

You know, like I’m about to like bring another person [00:03:00] here. And we felt it was about time for a change, and all we knew was digital marketing. So we decided, hey, you know, let’s, let’s focus on, on this. Let’s grow something from scratch. I think God definitely put something like we were blinded at the moment because it, we were seven months pregnant, no insurance, uh, no savings, and we just like quit our jobs.

I, I move into now are you guys, where are you guys living at this point? Are you in Nicaragua or are you guys in Yeah, stay. We were both in Nicaragua. Yeah. Ok. We were both in Nicaragua, so that was pretty interesting. But in our, in our journey, you know, we, we had faced the faculties before, um, and, and tough moments that I think like allowed us to not feel scared about making that huge change.

I didn’t know that we were gonna build, you know, like in five years we got to the Inc 5,000 and all this crazy stuff, um, with a company 200 team members. Now I, I didn’t know that that was where we were gonna go. We just like decided that this was not the place that we needed to be at, or that was not the [00:04:00] place that we needed to be at, and that we wanted to do something different.

Now, did you have the franchise model? Was the business model something you guys sort of no iterated on as you went, or you knew right outta the gate how you were gonna do it? Yeah, so we started as a white label agency and as we were working it was. it. We were not doing bad at all. Like we were actually like doing pretty good.

We were working with over a hundred agencies at the, at the moment we were just, so, you go to, you go to a marketing company, just people that listen. You go to marketing company and say, Hey, you don’t have these resources. We’ll be your backstop basically. We’ll fill in where you don’t have resources. Yes, correct.

We were doing the fulfillment for other agencies that were growing, um, and, and we were doing really well. We saw a need with our service, so we saw. 20% of the people that were working with us, they were like really kicking butt. They were getting clients that were focusing on the things that they needed to focus on.

They were letting us focus on the things that we were needing to focus on. And, and so those were like, okay, like these are the people that really are going to take this business to the next [00:05:00] level. How can we continue to create more of, duplicate more of those relationships? And I think as business owners,

Um, that’s where you have to go towards if you wanna grow your business, you have to focus on those products, those services that are really creating that profitability for your business. And then once you can, once you can understand like what, who that, who that person is, what are we doing? Then you multiply that, right?

And that’s the best way to scale. You create the processes so you can multiply that. Um, and so we decided that, hey, like we’re gonna do a franchise like we want. Really connect with a agencies in a deep level. And, and that’s how the franchise sort of came up. I mean, cuz the, the franchise model around marketing isn’t something that I’m familiar with.

Is that, that’s, is that a new that’s a new idea. That is another, there’s another company that did a franchise in a different way. They don’t do the fulfillment at all. They sort of like create, um, like this are frameworks, you know, like implement them. Ours is very different [00:06:00] in that way. I think like we’re the only one in, in our space that is doing the fulfillment, that this is the fulfillment, the business intelligence.

Like we’re creating the whole structure. Like all the systems, like all of our franchisees need to really focus on is their service in terms. client com communication and sales. And so it allows this business owners to really be what they’re amazing at which you do. So they deal with strategy, do they do strategy and all that kind of stuff?

Or does that go to you guys? They do strategy too. Like we work together on that. So like our team is able to support them on doing the audits, but they, they are also part of that strategy for, for the clients. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Mm-hmm. . And, um, so did you, you know, you know, it sounds like you got so.

probably similar to me. I definitely feel like an entrepreneur by accident . Like I, I wasn’t, didn’t, I wasn’t trying to do that. Yeah. It just was what happened. Yeah. Sounds like you guys have a similar situation where you guys got put in a spot where you’re like, Hey, we gotta, we gotta do this. , [00:07:00] you know, like between my husband and I, he’s definitely the entrepreneur.

Like I’m definitely the one by accident. Like, I’m just like, I was like tagging along for the, for the most of the time. But he, he wanted to come to Nicaragua to start, you know, an English a course and like, that’s, that’s the business that our first business that failed completely, like awfully. It was like an English, it was like an English class.

Yeah. It class helping, helping. Latin America people learn English online. So that was before Covid? Before, ok. It was like time that open English was probably like getting out there. So like, you know, that was like sort of the idea. But he doesn’t speak Spanish. So like selling, that was the worst thing. Oh, he, I’m sorry, he doesn’t speak Spanish?

No, he doesn’t speak Spanish. Okay. 10 years. But that wasn’t slowing him down. Yeah, well that’s, that’s the first thing. That’s how you know that it’s not gonna work if you cannot actually fulfill it. , , like that’s the first mistake, like as a business did. It happens to us all. If you cannot do this on your [00:08:00] own and like talk to somebody and like sell the product and fulfill it by yourself in the beginning.

This is a probably not gonna work. . Well, you have to have a little bit of naivete, I think to be a, to be an entrepreneur for sure. I mean, you can’t let details get in the, get in the way of a good dream. And I, I am the details person. I am like, okay, how are you gonna accomplish this? But when he came, we’re just getting married, you know, like engaged at that point.

We’re getting married, so like, We didn’t have that communication. That’s one of the things that we learned in that process of like, okay, we need, like, I have ideas and thoughts that are very valid and you have ideas and thoughts that are very valid and we need to be in communication and synergy for this to work because, you know, well, well, let’s sort of talk about being married, um, to your, to your business partner.

So is it just, do you guys have another business partner too? Is it just primarily you two? No, it’s just us two. Yeah. And so have you, how do you balance the, like what are the tips. , um, of like, working with your spouse? Oh man, that’s, that’s gonna be the whole [00:09:00] podcast now. . Oh, well, hey, here we go. Let’s, let’s do it.

Yeah. I feel like, um, it’s a process. I don’t, I don’t know if we have like master it, but we have learned a lot throughout this journey of, and, and it’s different for every couple, right? All marriages are different. For us, what has worked is having clear. Eh, responsibilities. So I am very much like when we, when we think about something, we don’t think the same way at all.

He’s like, big picture. I’m like, what is the details of this? Um, that can annoy him? That can annoy me. And so if we wanna have a happy marriage, you know, this is, doesn’t stop. In the office. It continues. Like you’re thinking about business. Yeah. You’re coming home. Yeah. There’s not a clear, uh, there’s never like, as a, as a business owner, there’s not an ending to, to the business side.

And so, um, being able to have clear responsibilities where you trust that person, that they’re doing their best and, and you’re just supporting them. I think it’s the best way. And, and communication too. Like when I feel like, Hey, I don’t wanna talk about [00:10:00] business right now. Like, I really wanna relax cuz it You take that home, right?

Yeah. Um, clear. Creating those rules, I think of like, hey, at home for example, four o’clock, it’s all about the kids. We don’t touch our phones. Like we try at least not to touch our phones. Um, that’s really hard. Um, just be pressed. That’s something that we really like to do. But at work, you know, we work on all the stuff.

And just being respectful too, because at the end of the day you are, uh, a marriage and so the, the in the moment in the business, you. get frustrated at something. Well, that can escalate real quick in a business setting, but at the end of the day, you have to go back And isn’t there something like in the Bible that you shouldn’t go to bed angry?

Right. So like, you know, like you, you have to like, right. Remember that at the end of the day. Right, right. Not let stuff, no, I think that’s super. I think, and I think that’s, you know, any business partnership is like, you know, you gotta keeping, I mean, it can be difficult when stuff is. When you’re dealing with different personalities.

Yeah. When you’re dealing [00:11:00] with high intense situations. Yeah. Where there’s pressure and decisions that have to be made. It can be difficult to be respectful, but I think that’s, you know, it’s super, super important. Especially if you’re married. Right. Think, think about in, in partnerships, you know, I feel like.

you. This is something that our, our mindset coach at Hyde tells us all the time. You know, like you make a commitment and then you show up in a partnership, right? So like in the beginning of the relationship, everything is perfect. We’re gonna do an amazing business, we’re gonna impact so many people. And then through the adversities and like success too, can show really weird.

uh, tones of colors for some people, right? So like, it’s not only the bad stuff, it’s even the good stuff. How do you handle that? Um, that’s when your real self shows up, right? Like all those, like e even traumas from your childhood, like come to realization. Like if you have a problem with, um, scarcity, you know, like.

When the business is not doing good, then like, you’re probably gonna like, feel it a lot stronger because like that defense mechanism comes back. Um, so a lot of those things that you [00:12:00] just have to like realize that, okay, we’re imperfect humans and we’re doing business, like it’s gonna be chaos probably.

So it just, you know, in the, in the. In the most, there’s organized chaos all the time. Right? So just understanding that and, and being open to, to working things out. Now do you have, you said you had a mindset coach. Is that, is that a coach you have for everybody on the team or is that just your guys a specific coach?

Yeah. No, so when we, um, we were I think at 30. Uh, team members at the time when we decided, hey, the one thing we didn’t decide, like we realized the one thing that’s gonna stop us from growing how we wanna grow is creating leaders. That was something that we saw. And, and even at the event in Costa Rica, that’s one of the things that we’re gonna really push on this year.

Um, we saw it at 30 teammates, you know, developing people that were able to make decisions the way that you would make decisions, that you can trust them to guide the people, cuz there is a point in your business. , your mission and vision needs to be trickled down by your managers and your directors and [00:13:00] the people.

And like that, that culture is guided by how everybody feels and you cannot touch everybody. And so we, we, we saw that real quick as we were growing, cuz in five years we’ve grown from zero to 200 team members. That’s really, that’s a lot. Um, for, for many people. For us that was a lot. Yeah. A lot. So we decided to, to bring Jose in and it has been amazing.

Um, we, we’ve created a program for, for our teammates to go through. So any person that is coming to hide, any teammate, um, that comes to hide the first thing that they do and the first month, um, they go through a unbreakable. , uh, training, that’s how we call it. And it’s, it’s, uh, four hours of sessions that include like breath work, uh, finding your commitment, uh, techniques.

And it’s at the end of that training, you go into the ice. So like you actually, like all of our team members go, oh, you have everybody do an ice bath? Everybody goes through an ice bath if you’re at height. So you have to last two minutes. [00:14:00] And dude, that’s cool. Yeah, it’s, it’s really cool stuff because you get to know people in a way deeper level and I mean, have you had anybody freak out like, Hey, I’m not getting in there.

Oh, okay. Oh yeah. One of our, our toughest guys at high, like last, didn’t last the two minutes . It’s kinda like, hey, it’s like seal. Yeah. So, um, at what point do you bring the ice bath up? I love this. At what point do you bring the ice bath? , um, like when is it like, hey, you’re going through the interview process and you’re like, Hey, I need to, we we’re very specific, like our, our interview process takes a long time.

Like, we fire, if you cheat on your spouse, we fire with if you are a gossiper, like we’re very specific about the type of people that we wanna work with, right? Because that’s the culture that we wanna have. Part of that is, is giving them like, okay, like in the first, you know, the first month you’re gonna go through the ice and blah, blah.

Obviously if you have like a medical situation, right, you do it right. You guys are, you guys aren’t gonna force somebody to do the, to [00:15:00] do the ice. But it, even from, from how we, how we interview, you know, like one of the steps that we have is like, you have to create a video of awesomeness and you, we give you like only like two specific rules.

Or, or guidance, like you have to like, give me three reasons why you’re awesome and you have to give us three reasons why you think Kai is awesome. And that’s the, that’s one of the steps in the application process. Um, and that allows people, like, we just give them that like return, like provide that back to us when you can, you know, like, we’ll, we’ll see how it goes and, Depending on the type of, of a role that they’re applying to, we’ll see, like was it super creative?

If I’m hiring somebody for like a website creative, you know, like type of role, it better be super creative. Um, how organized was it? Like it tells you so much about the person. So we try to incorporate, um, that aspect and from the, from the interview process too. Now, one of the things, so one of the guys that I, one.

you don’t hear a lot about this guy, but Roger Penske, who owns the Indy [00:16:00] 500 here in Indianapolis, also a race car, was a race car driver, and then business businessman, billionaire, he doesn’t get talked about a lot. He’s super fascinating, but he’s got this, uh, thing that he says is, most employees know how to go upstairs.

Very few know how to go downstairs. So very few people know how to go actually down and solve problems. They’re just so used to going to other people. And I think you really, um, kind of highlighted that with kind of how you guys are thinking about or how you think about. Building leaders. Cuz ultimately you need, I think in a business you need people to make decisions.

You can’t get somebody involved at every turn. I mean, an A man, you know, most companies have large meaning, you know, mid-management people can’t make decisions. Yeah. Um, so you gotta be able to go downstairs. And the other thing he says is, um, you know, and I think this is probably in line with what you guys do, I know it’s what we do is talks about the importance of transparency.

Most companies hide when stuff is not going good and nobody can. If you don’t talk openly about what’s going on, nobody in [00:17:00] your business can help you. It’s one of the, the toughest parts, I think, like trying to create this company because at the end of the day, as visionaries like. , we wanna think about like the end goal and like, okay, like we’re going through some crappy times, but that’s okay.

Like let’s focus on that. And at the end of the day, if you don’t share, like we share, for example, at High, the way that our, our bonus even structured. Like everybody gets a bonus when the company wins. Nobody gets a bonus, the company doesn’t win. Like we’re all like working. on that same goal and giving them, giving people that clarity of like, where, where do you want them to focus on?

I think it’s the biggest thing you can do for, for the company if you want them to grow. Right? Because otherwise like, oh, like we’re thinking about like, if I get the bonuses for myself, or that’s how we saw the difference from before doing in individual bonuses or group bonuses to like a company-wide bonus structure.

I mean, here even the cleaning lady, you know, will get a bonus. Like, like if the. Gets right. And so, um, that allows you to have a lot of [00:18:00] more unity as well. And, and just a clarity of where you wanna go, what’s the biggest thing that surprised you about doing this? Uh, I think the biggest thing that surprises me is my own self-development journey and how much I need to continue to mentally push myself to be in the best state possible for things to work out.

And you can see it very clearly if you’re in a sales role, but you can definitely see it if you are. Owning a business, like your mood translates into oh, the way your teammates into how people feel and like the cultured vibe and, and being on top of it all the time is really hard. Like, it’s just, it’s almost like just.

It’s kind of crazy. And so like putting yourself in those situations where you’re feeling uncomfortable and you’re getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things and still keeping a, [00:19:00] that sort of mindset of like, I can do this, and like, this is worth something. I think it’s, it’s one of the biggest things that I, I’ve, I’ve realized.

And then also how important having. A purpose or what we call a commitment is for us. Like if we were not to have a clear commitment, add the first, you know, like thing, like we would have probably given up and you know, or we would just focus on that thing. But if you have a, a clear commitment in your, in your life and for your business, then that allows you to push through.

Now I know you guys have the commitment, um, summit, which I’m gonna talk about here in a second. Yeah. But is there a reason why you picked the word commitment instead of purpose or some other word that could be, why do you use that? That is that that is just like what we, I think for me, purpose means that I, I know what I was assigned for and I think commitment is more when you say, I’m committed to, I made a decision, conscious decision that this is the thing that I’m gonna.

Push through. And this is my, it’s my decision. It’s just like [00:20:00] happiness. You have to decide to be happy. To be happy, right? Like it’s, it’s not something that just happens to you. And so I, I like commitment. We just like, for the commitment better, the, um, I’ll share a personal, uh, story. So I’ve got a, I’ve got a, a two daughters that are adopted.

Um, and one of the daughters, um, when she’s probably four, she’d get in bed and, um, she’d ask for water. And it’s annoying cuz we had 14. So I would walk up these 14 stairs and give her the water, and I’d put the water on her bed and I’d say, Hey, I just want you to know like, hey, that I love you, that loves a choice and that I hate those stairs, but I love you.

So I walked up these, you know, I walked up these 14 stairs, so I did this for. 12 years. Oh, wow. Um, till she’s probably a sophomore. And then I moved to texting, which I’ve not been a good texter. Like I would just text the water. I’d be like, I got you. You know, like I just sent a picture of the water up there, , but, but I did it for 12, so I did it for probably about [00:21:00] 12, 12 years every night.

And, um, so she turns 18 and says, Hey, I wanna get a tattoo and I want to have your handwriting. I want you to write it and I want you to put it. I said, I said, Hey, I’m super flattered, but I will say, . First off, relationships are really fragile and you don’t know, like, you could hate me someday, . So that was the first thing I said to her.

I’m like, Hey, you could hate me because they’re just fragile. I mean, relationships can come and go and little things can change ’em. And um, I said the other thing is like, um, you know, I wrote out this tattoo like 15 times on this piece of paper, and uh, I think I got the one that I’m, I’m good with. But you have no idea how incredibly difficult it.

So think about somebody like all your, IM, I’m not a good hand writer, so all your imperfections are about, all my imperfections are about to be placed on you. Like, cuz I can’t write, uh, yeah, I can’t write good. I’m not a good writer. I’m not, I can’t write, I’m not a good writer. Yeah. Handwriting 10 minutes.

Yeah, . And, um, so she said the point of the story that she, she then [00:22:00] said to me, well, hey, if, if you end up not, you know, if we end up not having a good relationship, I’m gonna have to choose to love you. And I said, Hey, that’s super sweet. The real thing is this was a gateway tattoo. I was not fooled by the fact that I was getting played, that this is just one of the many tattoos that are getting ready to come, that are getting ready.

Like one now I can do any . Now you can do, now you can do ’em all. But I think whether it’s love or hate or you know, you gotta choose there. You choose how you respond. You get a choice to, I mean, whether it’s to love or to hate, or to leave or to stay or whatever you’re doing. It’s a decision that, it’s a decision that you.

And, and it’s the same thing in business like that, that exact thing that you’re saying, like you can come up with like a very crappy situation that you’ve run into. You have a choice of how you’re going to respond to that situation. Are you gonna freak out? Are you gonna like think about what can I do to make this better or to overcome this so I can focus on the things that if I cannot change this, then I need to focus on the next things that I can actually.

Well, my, and my favorite quote of all the, [00:23:00] of, of, uh, comes from, uh, St. St. John says, uh, things work out best from the people that make the best, the way things work out. Now, it’s st. It’s John Wooden, not, not the book of John, if you are flipping through your Bible. Yeah. Sunday school stuff there. Um, but yeah, John Wooden says Things work out best for people to make the best of the way things work out.

And I think that applies everywhere, right? I mean, everybody gets level. Uh, with, with situations, whether it’s, you know, daily at work or they’re massive and you don’t have, I mean, you can, you can, you only get to control how you respond. A hundred percent. Yeah. Kind of crazy. Yeah. But that’s, um, it’s crazy stuff in, in, in business.

Right? I just, yeah. a lot, lot of cra a lot of crazy stuff. So, so let’s talk about the commitment. Um, do you call it the summit? Did I get right? Yeah. The Commitment Summit. Ok. Yeah, the commitment. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the commitment Summit? Looks like you’ve got some. It is a big, it’s big.

Oh my God. I mean, I invited you last year and you said no. So [00:24:00] this year I’m just gonna public say in this podcast that Brad needs to come to the conversation. Okay. I think I, I think I can make it happen this year. I got you. You’ve no, you put me on notice so I know it’s coming. I put you an ample amount of time.

I have no restrictions. I put you on the spot right now, . Ok. You got me? I’m in. Oh, like really in now? Cause I just told you podcast. No worries. I’ll hang you there. And following the, along the lines of like the commitment that we just spoke, you know, like you have to make a commitment if you want. Grow something out of nothing, especially if like you’re really growing something out of nothing and, and see it last, right?

So for us, they come just, it, it is digital marketing agencies. You know, it is focused on agency owners and marketing. Um, so that’s what we’re expecting to get. But more than that, we want this to be the event that helps leaders. Just continue to be fueled, you know, in their mission. And so we’re getting so many people.

I, last year I [00:25:00] thought we were like, okay, there’s no way we can top this. You know? Like, this speakers are amazing. We were blessed again. You know, it’s just like, like the nu Have you seen the speakers? Oh yeah. No, I was actually in shock. I was gonna, I’ll, I’ll talk to you about it. I was shocked that there’s, that’s a, it’s a, It is crazy.

That’s a line up whether you’re, and, and there’s some stuff that we haven’t like shown yet, but whether you’re wanting to like just focus on who you are as a business owner, like from mindset all the way to like, just amazing stories like Sarah Blakely from Spanx, you know, she just sold her company like that.

That story alone, she’s got a really, so she’s one of my favorites. She has a really funny story in her. Yeah. Where, you know, she gets, she, you know, she’s copier salesman. She decides she’s gonna make this product. She finds this one guy in North Carolina that’s gonna, that’s gonna help her. And you know this story.

No, no, no, no. That was freaking hilarious. So he, he calls her, she gets a buddy of hers to do the patent. Yeah. So she writes it up. The buddy basically is [00:26:00] like, you know, she does all the work, but he helps her. And, um, the, the, the guy calls her up. And says the manufacturer. And, um, he’d, he’d been saying that there was lacquer in the, in the, in, we’ll call it pans in the, in the pan hose, Uhhuh

And, um, so she had written lacquer all over the patent document that was, had to be turned in in the morning and it was liker, l y C R. And so they had to redo the whole document . I wish I could remember the detail of like what, what the conversation had. Like she thought he was saying lac. Oh, because she has to call him and be like, Hey, what’s in this?

And he’s like, well, you know, it’s like 95% lac. And so she’s right. Lac down. So the attorney calls her and says, this is, you’re gonna catch on fire. They’re like 95%. So she’s like, lemme call him. And he’s like, and, and they figured out that it was like her, so they had to rewrite the whole, rewrite the [00:27:00] whole document.

That’s one of books I, I, I need to read cause I’m gonna actually be interviewing her. So like, that, that lo you know, like I’m, I’m, we’re definitely well read her book. It’s in the book. Um, yeah. And um, So, yeah, you’ll have to, so it’ll be super fun. So, yeah, like we have, like, I mean, Ren Fishkin, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re in the digital marketing space, like you’re gonna be really impressed with the people that were co that are coming from seo, like Molly Pittman, you know, like Rachel Miller is coming, um, Ken Mosques from Matt Zombies.

Um, we’re gonna have. I, I don’t think we have, have we announced the speaker? I don’t think we have announced the speaker. Uh, so we’re really excited. I’m about one of the speakers you can’t talk about. Got it. Yeah. Well, we’re really excited. I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell you because by the time this comes, we’re probably announced it already, but we’re really excited for Jimmy Darts.

I don’t know if you have followed this guy on Instagram. You should go and follow him. Um, Jimmy Darts has a very cool story, so like, Turn and created this whole Instagram account on the concept of [00:28:00] kindness. And I thought that this was just like one of the most amazing things for us to like bring to, to like the commitment summit because this guy literally just on, on a feeling on something, you know, has created.

I think he has like over, I don’t know how many million followers right now. He’s like a million over a million followers. Yeah. Um, and this guy gets, like, he’s connected with so many people. Like if you, if you see like the, the, the reels that he has like done in collaboration with other people has been amazing.

And I think as business owners, like this is kindness. You know, something has a feeling. How can you transform that into something that is actually generating, you know, so much a, like an audience that is like continuing to follow him. So he actually gives $500 to. The person that is kind to him that day.

And so he will ask things like, Hey, can you give me a dollar? And like the person will say like, yeah, this is my last dollar. Here you go. Right? He’ll like, I, I don’t need your dollar. Here’s $500. And he does all this in all of his videos. So. So are the videos, cuz [00:29:00] I’m just pulling this up, is he recording all the people that.

On these clips or these are just like clips. He Okay. No, he’s recording. He’s recording all the people that told him no, too . Oh. Like funny. Um, and, and, and not that in like, oh, I don’t wanna give it to you, but no, I don’t have any or no. So like, you know, just like, and, and the cool thing about it is like he, he shows the people that are giving the most or is people that have the least the.

and to me that is just like, I want this event. And I told JC like, we gotta get this guy in there because I want this event to like, yes, we’re gonna talk about how to make more, more money, you know, how to get our companies profitable, how can we scale, how we can do all the systems and like talk to people that have grown million dollar companies, you know, and exited other million dollar companies.

But at the end of the day, what really matters in life is how you leave this. At the end of the day, like, do you make an impact or not? And, and if we can do that through our businesses, I think that’s the most powerful thing we can do. And we’re just vehicles, you know, our business are vehicles for the [00:30:00] impact that we wanna create.

And so I’m excited. I, I think it’s gonna be a blast. Like last time we had, um, Cameron Harrington smoking cigars with people at the beach party. He’s coming again. , this is like one of those events because you’re in Costa Rica, so you cannot just like take a plane and go, right. You literally have to be there.

And so people just make it, you know, an event. Kind of like a crazy, like awesome mastermind, except it’s 250 people there, . That’s, that’s awesome. All right, well, I look forward, I look forward to it. And, uh, anything specific that, uh, you wanted to, that I didn’t ask you? Yeah. Oh. Anything specific? No, I, I, um, thank you so much for inviting me.

I, I love sharing our story and if anybody wants to connect, um, just go connect with me. Um, beat Karen h on Instagram or Facebook, and yeah, I’ll be happy to share anything that has helped us grow, if that will help you as a business owner grow as well. . All right. Awesome. Well, I’d like to ask everybody before I’m done, cuz I, I, I take my tips from Oprah, which could be bad because I stopped [00:31:00] preparing for the, I was reminded by my marketing team this morning.

I said, well, you know, we’re talking about the podcast and I said, Well, I, I read that Oprah doesn’t do any prep work cuz she wants to be present. They both put, they both looked at me and they’re like, well that’s cuz it’s Oprah. Brad . Fair enough. But Oprah does say, uh, one of my tips from Oprah is always, she always asks, Hey, how’d I do?

So, how’d I do? How’d you, how’d you feel like it went? I, I love this. Yeah, I think it was a great conversation and, and I hope that people that are listening, you know, are going to take a lot of value out of this. But yeah, I, I think this is great. Awesome. Thank, all right. Well cool. Well, thanks so much for coming, coming on.

It was awesome. Awesome to catch up with you.

Today on the podcast is Karen Hite, co-founder of Hite Digital. They are changing the way Digital Marketing is done. Their Franchise model has allowed them to improve the lifestyle of agency owners by providing all the tools, knowledge, systems, and resources so they can focus on what they love most: connecting with people and providing results.

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