Drive Success with More Sales Calls

If you were to identify one of the most important things that make you successful in the sales industry, it’s this: Increase your volume of sales calls. That’s what author Jeffrey Gitomer points out in the latest revision of his book, “The Sales Bible.” While it’s an old philosophy, it still works in today’s tech environment.

Yet, he says, it still seems to be a principle that escapes many sales people. “Good fundamental sales skills and solid product knowledge are meaningless unless you follow up the proper number of prospects.” That process includes making 10 new prospect calls per day, making 10 new appointments per week, and making 10 new follow-up calls per day.

Here’s how you can adapt that old sales philosophy to the challenges you’re facing in today’s evolving sales market.

  1. Hone your value proposition. Now, here’s another sales strategy that’s even more relevant in today’s fast-paced work environment. Your prospects don’t have a lot of time to listen to you and your sales team. And, in most cases, there’s likely no need for a lengthy sales presentation; they have already done plenty of homework online. Train your team to quickly explain your company’s value to prospects. According to a survey conducted by Corporate Visions, 85% of companies reported that it was of critical importance that a salesperson is able to communicate the company’s value when it comes to closing.
  1. Narrow your focus to qualified leads. With the abundance of tools to qualify leads, from downloads of white papers to demos and social network sources, you have the ability to better determine what your prospects need. Use the data you gather to be strategic about both timing and messaging, taking into consideration where they are in the buying process.
  1. Get more people in on the act. There are only so many hours in a day. If you’re set on having each sales rep call 20 or more people a day, which you should, think about ways that you can put your top performers to better use by freeing them up to follow through more quickly with key decision-makers. Consider using another team, internal or outsourced, to conduct the calls that help them get to those key people.

Gitomer says always remember the sales adage: “Your chances for success increase in proportion to the proportion of sales calls you make.”

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