Expand your business in 2016 with outsourcing

With the end of 2015 closing in, many companies are positioning themselves for growth in the upcoming year. Chances are you’re among them, and you’re likely considering a strategy that includes expanding your team, investing in technological solutions and tools, and boosting your sales.

One area you may or may not have considered is outsourcing, a solution that is increasingly becoming a viable option for companies who may want to skip the expense of hiring a full-time employee. As a study by DePaul University has shown, the cost of replacing a sales person, for example, could set you back by more than $100,000 when you take into account training a replacement, separation costs and acquisition costs.

However, outsourcing can be a good idea for numerous reasons beyond the cost savings. It can be a viable option for a short-term need or for expanding your capacity as over a long-term period.

So, what areas of your business could you be outsourcing in 2016? Here are just a few to consider:

Human Relations: Depending upon the size of your company, outsourcing HR functions can alleviate some of the work of your internal employees. If you’re a large company, you can outsource basic functions like payroll so that your team can focus on higher level tasks, such as hiring and training. On the other hand, if your company is growing, you may need expertise your internal team may not necessarily have, such as understanding compliance to federal laws regulating larger companies, such as the FMLA and the ADA.

Sales: Another department that is ideal for outsourcing is sales. Each of your sales reps can only make so many calls. By outsourcing a team that can make a large volume of calls until key decision-makers are reached, you can allow your sales reps with intimate knowledge of your company to dedicate their time to the more in-depth conversations. With the demands put on your sales reps, you can free them to be more effective to generate sales for your company in the coming year.

IT: By outsourcing IT services, many companies are able to save money on the equipment necessary to maintain those operations internally. As a result, they’re able to funnel more capital into other operations of the company.

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