for B2B Lead Generation

We understand that we aren’t the only company that plays in the inside sales and sales acceleration space, but we try to do our best to provide objective material on how our technology compares against our direct and indirect competitors. – Power Dialer


  • Power Dialer
  • Click to Dial
  • CRM
  • Email Automation

Designed For:

  • B2B Inside Sales Teams
  • Complex B2C Sales Teams


  • Lead Response
  • Local Presence (Caller ID)
  • Salesforce Sync
  • Vision – Email core product is a power dialer that is designed specifically for making individual calls one after another. A power dialer can cover approximately 200 to 300 calls per day.

MonsterConnect – Live Conversation Automation


  • Individual Dialer
  • Team Dialing
  • Lead Management

Designed For:

B2B Sales teams with:

a. Complex sales cycles 3 to 12 months – Solution sales model (Sales Rep Needs to Understand buyer and buyer needs to make a recommendation or a sale.)

b. High Growth or Saturated Markets – Competitive Markets, where relationships impact the sale

c. Large Defined Universe – Company has a large universe of possible clients.


  • One Click Voicemail
  • Match (Local Caller ID)
  • Greeting Messages

MonsterConnect’s core product Live Conversation Automation enables you to do 200+ calls an hour. Live Conversations give you an extra boost of time and productivity that you just don’t get with a stand alone power dialer. We find that in a lot of cases our clients use both Live Conversation Automation, and Power Dialer.

Stop Dialing, Start Closing.

Use MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing solution to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.

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