What is Prospecting Enablement and Why Do You Need It?

We live in a world where we see plenty of “Blank-as-a-Service” technologies developed for every industry, function, department, etc. Unfortunately, sales is no stranger to its fair share of sales technologies that are designed to help your sales team close faster. While many help alleviate pain in the proposal and the process stages of the sales cycle, we don’t see a lot of technologies that hit close to home for your sales team: the cold calling and prospecting function.

As a past COO at an appointment setting company, I faced a variety of challenges with hitting our sales numbers. This included everything from low connections rates to unproductive sales reps to cold calling struggles plagued any and every team I had. Finding and keeping a good team while providing them with the tools they needed to was a challenge.

After looking at all of our sales reps activities, I realized one of the biggest challenges that plagues sales teams is B2B phone prospecting or cold calling.

How Cold Calling Hinders Sales Teams

  • It’s inefficient. Traditional cold calling takes time, limiting reps to only 47 calls a day, on average.
  • It’s difficult. Connecting sales reps with executive decision-makers can be extremely hard, rendering much of their efforts fruitless.
  • It’s unpredictable. Building and maintaining a good prospecting team is a constant challenge since sales is so volatile.

In other words, cold calling was killing my team’s numbers.

I thought that there has to be a way to relieve this pain point for sales teams through technology. Back in 2010, I decided to take the experience I had with managing teams of 150+ reps and start developing a solution that will help sales teams connect with decision-makers faster. The solution was prospecting enablement.

What is Prospecting Enablement?

Also known as team dialing, prospecting enablement is a solution for the disconnect between sales reps and their desired targets by providing reps with the ability to connect with decision-makers without the need to dial. In essence, prospecting enablement solves this issues by providing the following:

“A team of dialing agents calls on behalf of a client’s rep or reps, navigating phone prompts and trees to get a decision-maker on the line. Once the dialing agents make contact with the decision-maker, the dialing agent connects the sales rep with the decision-maker, allowing the rep to focus on the conversation instead of dialing.”

MonsterConnect identified this problem in the marketplace and we created our solution to alleviate this issue. We eliminate wasteful prospecting by replacing cold calling with live conversations with decision-making prospects, without having to dial. The average sales rep makes 47 calls per day. With MonsterConnect, our agents make 150-200 dials an hour, providing 8-12 live prospect conversations with your reps, delivering 40 times better results and increased productivity.

Imagine how much higher your connection rates could be if you eliminated the cold calling function for your sales reps. Learn more about prospecting enablement today and request a free prospecting evaluation from MonsterConnect.

Stop Dialing, Start Closing.

Use MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing solution to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.

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