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Making the Most of Every Opportunity with Tonni Bennett

Tonni Bennett’s sales career has been one of growth, change, opportunity, and success. From selling software to selling solutions, from player to coach, from start-up to enterprise, Tonni has seen it all en route to her role as Director of Sales at Twilio. What did she learn along the way? She joined us on Decision Point to share her story.


Finding Professional Fulfillment in Sales with Fiona Nguyen

Earlier this year, Fiona Nguyen walked away from a career in nursing to forge a new career path in sales. Why? She was unfulfilled in her work and knew that her goal-oriented mindset was better suited for something else. Two months into her role as an SDR at ringDNA, Fiona is on the fast-track for an Account Executive role. Listen in to hear her story.


The Future of Sales is Transparency with Todd Caponi

Todd Caponi joined us on Decision Point to share how transparency is the key to winning today’s customers who want to understand the full experience they’ll have when using your product – the good and the bad. According to Todd, being open about the things you’re giving up in order to be great at your “core” is the key to sales success.


The Lost Art of Relationship-Driven Sales with Chris Belli

Why is a relationship-driven approach to sales becoming a lost art, particularly in the tech industry? Chris Belli has some ideas. As Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Studio Science, a design and innovation agency, Chris and his team are helping their clients create great customer experiences that are anything but transactional.


The Profile of a Great Salesperson with Bob Kreisberg

Bob Kreisberg is the President of OPUS Productivity Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in improving the people productivity of their clients. He joined us on Decision Point to discuss how the role – and the personality – of great salespeople has changed over the years and how companies can find the right people to fill the right role.