Sales Performance


14 Sep: The Profile of a Great Salesperson with Bob Kreisberg

Bob Kreisberg is the President of OPUS Productivity Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in improving the people productivity of their clients. He joined us on Decision Point to discuss how the role – and the personality – of great salespeople has changed over the years and how companies can find the right people to fill the right role.


10 Aug: The Power of Adding Value with Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner joined us on Decision Point to talk about what drives him to give back to those around him and how his upbringing instilled core values of mental toughness. He also shares some stories from his journey that highlight the importance of being ready to make big decisions and how to maximize opportunities once those decisions are made.


27 Jul: Confidence Through Adversity with Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Boss In Heels. She was kind enough to come on our show to share about the event that changed the course of her career and what she gained from that difficult experience that has helped her become a leading voice when it comes to creating confidence in others.


13 Jul: Things Happen for a Reason with Al Samouelian

Al Samouelian, CEO at RPM, hasn’t been sheltered from adversity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he recently got a perspective check when his 5-year-old daughter serendipitously placed a book about mental toughness on his desk one morning. Al came onto the show to discuss that moment and his journey from sales leader to organizational leader.


29 Jun: Living a Life of Gratitude with Scott MacGregor

Is gratitude a key component of mental toughness? Scott MacGregor thinks so. He’s the Founder and CEO of Something New LLC and the author of “Standing O!” and “Standing O! Encore.” We talked with Scott about how living a life of gratitude has helped him overcome adversity in life and in sales. The conversation may change your perspective on the power of gratitude – and not just gratitude for the good things.


08 Jun: Preparing for Hinge Moments with Sports Psychologist Rob Bell

Dr. Rob Bell is a mental toughness coach who works with corporate and professional athletes, and he is also the author of one of the single best books on the topic of mental toughness. It’s called “The Hinge.” It’s about how life events connect us to who we are going to become – and how to deal, handle, and cope with adversity and success.