What Salesforce License Should I Buy? Part 1

Trying to identify what Salesforce license you should buy can be challenging especially if you are a first time buyer, or moving from an entry level CRM or contact manger.First let’s take a look at the Salesforce.com business model, then we’ll hop in an explore what Sales Cloud edition that’s right for your business.The Business Model: Salesforce.com is a SaaS (Software as a service) based CRM, that allows sales reps to have on central place to manage all sales-related activities.

Salesforce.com pricing is based on a typical SaaS licensing model consisting of several license types / editions. There are 5 editions each edition having a unique set of features. The editions range from basic contact management functionality to more robust CRM and marketing automation functionality. As you upgrade from basic to more advanced license there is an increase in price and functionality.

Let’s take at the edition options:

Salesforce Licensing model

*Download The Salesforce.com comparison chart

Contact Manager – This is the most basic Option. This option will allow you to manage individual contacts. Thing about this option as like a Rolodex, you will be able to keep individual contacts and small notes.

Group – Think about the group edition as a basic introduction to CRM. What separates the contact manager edition from the group edition is that group allows you to create and track opportunities. Unlike contact manager which is really about keeping your contacts organized, group is about keeping your sales pipeline organized.

Professional – The professional version is a complete CRM and has all if not all of the features you are going to need to run your sales team. The one limitation and differentiating functionality from the Enterprise License is that the professional license doesn’t give you access to the web services and API options.

The Integration via Webservices API: If you plan on using 3rd party integration having the webservice api could be important as not all 3rd party applications will be able to integrate with your salesforce instance. If a 3rd party application is on the salesforce app exchange it can integrate with any of the SF editions. If it isn’t on the app exchange it can only integrate with Enterprise instances .

Enterprise – Deeply customized CRM for your business. The Enterprise edition is going to allow you to make all of the customizations that your sales team is going to need to perform there tasks. This license is going to be specifically useful if you have several applications or processes that are customized to your organization. If you are a small company or have a small team and you don’t have a lot of custom needs, or 3rd party integration needs, you’ll probably be good with the professional license. If you are a larger company and have lots of custom requirements Enterprise will be a must have.

Unlimited – Is going to give you all of the features found in Enterprise, but provide and extra layer of service and support for help desk and customization.

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