3 Ways to Keep the Sales Process Going After the Sale

You hit the goal, made the basket, scored … whatever analogies you and your sales team use to mark a win, it’s important to remember that the game is never over after a deal has closed. It’s only one more step in the process.

Keep your eye on the customer after you’ve made a sale, even if you have passed the client on to a customer service specialist. Here’s what you need to be doing to keep the relationship going with your new client.

1. Change Your Perspective on the Client’s Journey

Jodi Beuder, Customer Experience Advocate at MHI Global, says top-performing sales reps typically view the customer experience as much longer what may be considered standard. On the other hand, less experienced sales reps make thing of “landing the sale as the termination point,” she said. To help your sales team shift their thinking, discourage the mentality that you immediately move on to the next potential sale … without ever looking back at the previous client. Beuder says this is what separates sales professionals from sales reps: It’s the ability to focus on entire customer experience, making sure to provide support longer after the deal has closed.

2. Gauge Customer Satisfaction

Conducting surveys to get customer feedback never gets old. Take the time to gather feedback through online questionnaires as well as direct conversations. Be mindful about following up any recommendations for improvement.

3. Develop a Team Approach

The more employees who are in contact with your client (within reason), the more likely you are to improve your chances of maintaining a great customer relationship. It doesn’t hurt to have the CEO or a high-level executive to welcome the client to the company, as well. Do whatever it takes to make the client feel special … just as with anything else, don’t overdo it.

Every step of the customer relationship is an important one. Long after the sale, it should be a priority to maintain new clients as brand advocates … clients who will be able to attest to the value your company brings.

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