Turning Setbacks into Opportunities with Jacki Leahy

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Jacki Leahy knows a thing or two about facing adversity. But her journey is defined by turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and advancement. From kindergarten teacher to real estate agent to BDR to leading rev ops, Jacki has added to her toolbelt at every step and learned valuable lessons from every experience.

Jacki joined us on Decision Point to talk about how a moment of sales success turned into a lost job and a long journey to finding her place in the sales world. She also shares stories of the people that helped her along the way and how her personality and inner drive have helped her carve out her own niche as Salesforce Consultant at Eustace Consulting. Listen in!

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Decision Point: Turning Setbacks into Opportunities with Jacki Leahy

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Jacki: [00:00:00] She could tell that I was awesome, but just a little bit defeated. And she just whipped me into shape. And any time that I started being like, well, uh, she’s like, “No, you’re awesome. You crushed it.” And I went in there and I got the job. 

[00:00:14] Brad: [00:00:14] Welcome to Decision Point, a podcast about overcoming adversity in sales and the growth that we experience in the process. I’m Brad Seaman.

[00:00:25] All right. Welcome to Decision Point. I’ve got an awesome interview for you today with a gal named Jacki Leahy. She is with Eustace consulting. She’s a former BDR manager. She’s been a real estate agent and a kindergarten teacher. And she’s going to talk about how to move from one life setback to another.

[00:00:44] We’re also gonna cover, uh, interacting with different personalities. And we’re going to talk about career transition, excited to have Jacki with us today.

[00:00:59] Awesome. Well, [00:01:00] this is going to be, this is going to be super fun. So here’s how I, here’s how somehow I found you. And then I found your, um, Sell-out Show interview that you did, and I laugh so hard. But I sent this to Kiel and said, Hey, we’ve got to get, um, Jacki on the, uh, on the podcast. And so then I started, then I started following you on LinkedIn and, and you’re, and I get my daily meme from you of whatever’s going on in Salesforce.

[00:01:29] So, um, it’s been, uh, it’s been a joy to follow you just because you have a really unique personality and it’s, it’s a lot of fun. I get, I get good. Laughs. Uh, just following you there on, on LinkedIn. Um, but I was specifically, or I was specifically interested when I was listening to your, um, the, on the sellout show, uh, about how you dealt with different personalities.

[00:01:54] And so that’s one of the things that I want to talk about. Um, but before we do that, Um, why don’t you talk a little [00:02:00] bit about just kind of, Hey, you mentioned you were a kindergarten teacher, so tell me the process. Like how do you go from kindergarten teacher to real estate agent to run the family business, um, to getting into software, let’s start there and then we can get it.

[00:02:12] Then we can get into some of the fun, uh, the fun stuff that you’ve learned along the way. 

[00:02:17] Jacki: [00:02:17] Yeah, well, I think, you know, you make plans and you want to do stuff, and then you figure out it’s not for you like teaching. I had this vision of really, you know, shaping young lives. Um, but it ended up being lots of administration and just political whole shit.

[00:02:35] Um, and where I couldn’t teach the way I wanted to teach. Um, and it just re I’ve just really gotten burned out in three years. Um, and so I ended up, uh, temping because it was 2009, 2008, 2009. I couldn’t get a job for some reason. Chase men, chase wanted to hire me as a personal banker. Um, and they’re like, Oh, [00:03:00] we always have a wreck.

[00:03:01] I don’t know why I can’t get this. Job rec, uh, approved. And it ended up being there’s, you know, financial crisis of 2008. So I ended up temping and one of the days I ended up in temping in a real estate office. And like in Manhattan, I had an apartment broker when I got my first apartment and he was like this old Ukrainian man, um, like super like gruff, um, And when I learned that they were like apartment brokers, I was like, wait, what?

[00:03:32] Like, you’re a really sweet young woman. Like, I didn’t know. That was possible. Um, and so, yeah, I got my real estate license and jumped right in and I ended up kind of figuring out the early, early, like seeds of inbound marketing. I had a WordPress blog. Um, and I kind of did lifestyle blogging [00:04:00] slash my clients.

[00:04:01] And I did Craigslist ads that were like, ridiculous. Right. There was this really great price department, but it was like a shit show going in. Like they hadn’t cleaned it out yet. And like in the title, I was like, are you man enough? Like kind of like Craigslist ads. I linked back to my WordPress blog. So I ended up.

[00:04:24] After a few months, like having people contact me that they were like, I’ve been following you. Like I been planning to, I can’t wait to talk to you and have you be my real estate agent. It was insane. Like, um, just figuring out that, like getting people into your, like web of like optimistic irreverent view of the world, um, People want to like sharing that and it’s fun and it’s a different way.

[00:04:52] Like I know I’m weird. And, um, and I think it can be, you know, delightful. 

[00:05:00] [00:04:59] Brad: [00:04:59] So, um, let me ask you a couple of questions. So how do you move from being a real estate agent to getting into, to software? Because you moved from real estate, you become an SDR at some point, and then, and then you take over the sales ops. 

[00:05:17] Jacki: [00:05:17] Yeah. Yeah. So I, um, I was in real estate and I had the best quarter of my whole life made a whole bunch of money. Like I figured it out. Right. And I was just like, okay, now I don’t want to do this anymore though. Like, this is so boring. I figured it out. And I heard about the startup Institute in Boston.

[00:05:38] It was an eight week intensive. To have to help people pivot into the tech startup world. Um, I joined the technical marketing track and. 

[00:05:52] Brad: [00:05:52] Now you laugh when, you know, you laughed, when you said that was, that was that like a devious laugh? Like what, what, what kind of laugh is it like? 

[00:06:00] [00:06:00] Jacki: [00:06:00] That’s the last that I ended up in sales, like one of the coaches there, they were like, okay, for marketing.

[00:06:08] Do you see yourself? Like writing content or like running analytics? I was like, Neither he was like, or closing deals. I was like that one, that one. So just kind of like learning your own vision of yourself. And sometimes it takes someone from the outside to be like, Hey, dummy. I don’t think you’re going to like doing those.

[00:06:31] Um, yeah. So I ended up getting, I wanted to a sales job. Like I had years of being. Like a top real estate agent and just crushing it. Right. Rockstar deal machine is what, you know, I kind of thought of myself as, um, but apparently when you go into software sales, they, they think that, you know nothing and you need to be a BDR.

[00:06:53] Brad: [00:06:53] That’s, that’s really funny. So when you’re, when you’re taking this BDR track, do you feel like you’re going [00:07:00] in your mind? Were you going backwards or were you at the first step of learning? 

[00:07:03] Jacki: [00:07:03] Oh, I took, um, I guess it’s both. Um, I D like, I think the hardest part, it wasn’t even like the salary slash, but it was more just like, say ego hit.

[00:07:16] Like, I like the visceral, like anybody who’s a BDR or SDR, or has been like, you know, that this girl. Gut punch of nobody respects you, especially at the, at the beginning. Like nobody cares about you. Um, they roll their eyes. If you try to say something, you know, in a group learning thing or something like, um, and being, you know, a 33 year old BBR, it was definitely.

[00:07:46] Frustrating, right. 

[00:07:47] Brad: [00:07:47] Um, right. All right. So we’re going to hone, we’re going to hone in on, cause at the, at the core of like how the podcast got started here, it got started because, uh, there’s a lot of podcasts out there about how to do sales. There’s not a lot of [00:08:00] podcasts that I could find that I felt like talked about adversity and mental mindset.

[00:08:05] And when you think about sales, you know, and maybe it’s maybe it’s my personal, but I feel like sales is some somewhat like. Um, it’s a little bit like war, like you’re, you’re constantly, you want something and you’re being set back from that and you have to conquer it. So it’s very it’s it’s to me it feels it’s, it’s all adverse, right?

[00:08:26] If somebody says sales, isn’t hard there. I think they’re lying to you because selling is a diff is a very difficult task. I mean, think about how hard it is in a, in a business in general, the take your beliefs think about this is the same reason. Selling is the same reason. It’s hard for a company to have a corporate turnaround because without somebody coming from the outside, because it’s so difficult inside for somebody to change someone else’s belief system, and that’s what has to happen to sell somebody.

[00:08:55] You’ve got to take your energy and your belief transfer it onto somebody else. [00:09:00] Right? That’s a hard, that can be a really hard, that can be a super hard task. Um, yeah. And, um, so, so, and, uh, Hey, we just met, right? I just met you.

[00:09:20] Yes. So, so, so that’s kind of how so, so when I think about sales, I think you’ve met adversity, right? It’s constant setback. It’s it’s like. You know, there’s lots of highs and lows. You’ve gotta be able to temper yourself. You’ve gotta be able to stay, you know, you gotta be able to stay between the mountains and the peaks are, you’re gonna, are you gonna run out, uh, you know, emotional stamina.

[00:09:38] And so, um, you take this. So the reason why I highlight on this is you take this job. You just identified, not only is it just emotionally exhausting having to prospect, but now you’re not getting, you’re not in a position that deems respect like the CEO or a C-level position. Right. So talking about like, talking about how you get through it, like, what’s that what’s that process look like?

[00:09:58] What are some of the things that you [00:10:00] did? 

[00:10:01] Jacki: [00:10:01] Yeah. Well, you just have to prove yourself. Um, and for me, the adversity of sales wasn’t necessarily the selling part or hitting quota. It was the interpersonal and political stuff, because if you are brand new and start and like I’m real friendly. Like I can, I can book meetings on a, on a cold call and I, you know, I was hitting quota my first month.

[00:10:29] Um, you, that people will be like, wow, that’s great. What are you doing? Can I do that too? But instead it’s like, at least for me, maybe it’s part of who I am a little bit too rambunctious, but it was like at first I was welcomed and then I started doing well and I was shunned. 

[00:10:52] Brad: [00:10:52] No. Oh, now how many people were on your team?

[00:10:55] Jacki: [00:10:55] Yeah. Um, there are about 15 BDRs. [00:11:00] Yeah, crushing it. Um, maybe one other person is hitting quota and it was like a real, just like culture of this is stupid anyway. Like why bother. 

[00:11:13] Brad: [00:11:13] Okay. So, so now was, was that due to the fact that like the SDR team wasn’t that was it valued in the organization? 

[00:11:23] Jacki: [00:11:23] Yeah. And like our, our manager was on maternity leave.

[00:11:28] Um, and we we’re pretty much left to our own devices. Um, and just ignored. Like we, at one point when I finally got the ear of the CRO. He was like, Jackie. Now, why aren’t people hitting quota? I was like, or how are you kidding? I’m like outbound. He’s like, what do you mean outbound? We should be all inbound.

[00:11:52] I’m like, why? I can’t make quarter off of inbound. He’s like, really? I was like [00:12:00] maybe one or two leads a week. And they’re usually just like paper downloads.

[00:12:09] It’s like, I think he had this vision of like all these demo requests coming to us and we weren’t really doing anything except for like, just like setting up a meeting and I’m like, no, that’s not the reality at all. He was just baffled. No idea. 

[00:12:26] Brad: [00:12:26] So as part, so is this a venture backed startup or like where’s the, 

[00:12:32] Jacki: [00:12:32] so it was Crimson hexagon.

[00:12:34] Um, so they had just gotten a huge cash infusion. Um, it was, they, it wasn’t like a, or it wasn’t, uh, it was, it was kind of like a, a private equity firm. 

[00:12:48] Brad: [00:12:48] Okay. It was like a PE 

[00:12:52] Jacki: [00:12:52] PE purchase. Um, and. Infused tons and tons of money. And so they went on a hiring spree. [00:13:00] So I was like employee number one Oh one 42.

[00:13:05] And then we ended up over 200, a couple of months later and 

[00:13:08] Brad: [00:13:08] you get a t-shirt that said “I’m 142”?

[00:13:16] Jacki: [00:13:16] Um, and 

[00:13:18] Brad: [00:13:18] 142 just sounds like a lonely number.

[00:13:24] Jacki: [00:13:24] Um, and then we ended up doing less than an ARR than the year before. So it was definitely, and I do think leadership and winning makes everything better. And if you’re not winning this, shit’s going to run downhill. And if you’re a BDR in a, in an organization that’s not doing well, um, It’s a really hard life.

[00:13:52] Brad: [00:13:52] Um, now, now will you, will they end up what now? Why you’re there does that, um, kind of turn around or where you [00:14:00] transitioned out of there and do another nother role? 

[00:14:02] Jacki: [00:14:02] No, so I did get, because I was hitting quota, I did get promoted to an ISR. Um, and I don’t know if you want to talk about this or not, but I was actually fired for sexual harassment.

[00:14:15] I told a dirty joke at a cocktail party. But I think this was really the biggest, biggest adversity that I really faced was being now. I was 34 year old BDR. Um, I was promoted to ISR against all odds and then fired that from something that happened the day I was announced. And so then I had to find another job as another BDR and started all over again.

[00:14:49] But nobody wants to hire a 34 year old BDR and try explaining why you’re no longer a Crimson hexagon when it’s still like full of, like, [00:15:00] I can joke about it now, but like, 

[00:15:02] Brad: [00:15:02] Well, at the time probably wasn’t any, there was no lab, so it’s probably very silver. Um, so, so, so when that, when that event happens, And, um, and you get fired.

[00:15:15] You’re third. So you’re, you’re, you’ve been a real estate teacher. Real estate is you’re now. 

[00:15:20] Jacki: [00:15:20] And I have a master’s degree in education. People look at my resume or LinkedIn and they’re like, 

[00:15:26] Brad: [00:15:26] yeah. Um, so, so what’s going, what’s like, what’s going through your mind. How are you coaching? Like, what are you, what are you saying to yourself?

[00:15:35] Like what’s the bounce back track? 

[00:15:37] Jacki: [00:15:37] Yeah, I’ve got a Trello board and every day, um, I’m applying to jobs, networking, um, like I’ll put down jobs or companies that I think are interesting. Um, I may contact, you know, I’m not going to fill out, I’ll fill out stuff online, but I know that’s not gonna work. So I’m pinging people on LinkedIn.

[00:15:57] I got myself interviews at like, [00:16:00] um, gosh, what’s that? Company, turbo, BM, turbo. I got an interview there. I got like, I got myself interviews everywhere. Um, and it never really clicked like, cause I people like me, but they’re like, I can’t have you be an E because you’ve never sold software. And I just don’t see you liking B a B being.

[00:16:29] Brad: [00:16:29] It’s an interesting, you know, I mean, look, I get it. People want to people having you sell something similar to what they’re selling is going to make them feel safe. Right. Um, so that is understandable. But if you’ve had a track history of selling real estate, you’ve had a track history of being able to be successful from my understanding, it looks like you floated to the top at all your roles.

[00:16:53] Um, that seems really natural. You’re going to swim to the top. Um, Yeah. And at whatever role they stick you in. So that is kinda, [00:17:00] you know, it is interesting that people think about like that, but that’s just a safety thing, right. People want to feel safe. It makes me feel better about justifying my decision.

[00:17:07] Yeah. Um, 

[00:17:08] Jacki: [00:17:08] yeah. I’m sorry. You’re you’re not fresh out of college and you didn’t play lacrosse lacrosse. Like, I don’t know how you’re going to fit in here.

[00:17:18] Brad: [00:17:18] I’ll make it up. You didn’t pull him across I’m assuming.

[00:17:23] Uh, so, so, um, so you, so you put this Trello board together and you’re going through the process of finding another job. So what’s, so what’s next or so you’re, so let me, I’m going to wind back to shore. So immediately, what’s the very first thing that goes through your mind when this happens, are you thinking like, are you thinking crap, I’m never going to have another job where you thinking, Hey, I’m going to go back to real estate.

[00:17:48] Uh, are, are you, are you just trying to get back on the belt, the horse? I mean, I’m assuming financially you’re gonna want to keep the, you want to keep money coming in and not going out. 

[00:17:56] Jacki: [00:17:56] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I had had [00:18:00] some savings. I knew that, you know, pivoting into BDR land was, was not up to my standard of living.

[00:18:06] Right. Like, but didn’t have that much saved. Um, and I ended up, I think it was 52 interviews before I was actually hired. Um, 52. I was out of work for almost four months, almost four months. Um, and yeah, I was just like, I just felt like a square peg in a world of round holes. Like I don’t fit in anywhere.

[00:18:32] And just knowing that I am going to bring so much to the table, like knowing that I know that I’m smart and I add a lot of like, Enthusiasm and I’m always crushing it. And like at Crimson hexagon, I was not only was I over my quota, but I also helped decorate the office for Christmas and was running like all sorts of side projects.

[00:18:57] Like I know that [00:19:00] I go above and beyond and I’m awesome. And I can’t get hired for the life of me. 

[00:19:04] Brad: [00:19:04] So, so, so you, you get the Trello board out, you, you work at you’re working in the process. You finally get, you finally get a job. Where’s that job 

[00:19:13] Jacki: [00:19:13] Thought industries. And it was just the perfect opportunity because the BDR manager desperately wanted to get promoted to be an I E and the company wanted to promote him to E but they didn’t have anyone to take over the team.

[00:19:28] So I was hired with the intention of promoting me to. The BDR manager, um, quickly. And that’s what happened after five weeks, I was promoted to BDR manager. Um, so really that was such a stroke of grace really? Um, cause I was out of work for almost four months. Um, and yeah, it’s a real, and my recruiter, her name is Edita berimbau um, [00:20:00] She took me on, she found me on LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and she was trying to break into, um, recruiting here in Boston.

[00:20:06] She had doing it in New Jersey and she met with me before my in person interview and just coached me because she could tell that I was awesome, but just a little bit defeated. And she just whipped me into shape. And anytime that I started being like, well, duh, she’s like, no, you’re awesome. You crushed it.

[00:20:29] And I went in there and I got the job and I’m just so grateful. Like, 

[00:20:33] Brad: [00:20:33] How do you say her name?,

[00:20:34] Jacki: [00:20:34] Edita. E-D-I-T-A. 

[00:20:40] Brad: [00:20:40] I mean, we all have  there. Doesn’t it. Doesn’t everybody need somebody. Doesn’t everybody need somebody like that. 

[00:20:46] Jacki: [00:20:46] The sassy girl from New Jersey just whip me into shape. 

[00:20:53] Brad: [00:20:53] Somebody like that. My guys, uh, Adam Reisner is his, is his name. He was, he was my Adita. Um, [00:21:00] so, um, so, uh, you get this job as a BDR role, so what’s the next, um, what’s the next step?

[00:21:09] So you come in there and are you doing like sales, operations, or are you doing Oh, just managing the BDR team 

[00:21:18] Jacki: [00:21:18] player, coach. Um, so my quota was very low, but then coaching, it was both, there is, um, inbound and outbound team. Um, yeah, leading. It was a lot, like I was promoted much faster than I had thought. I thought like three or four months, but ended up being roughly at five weeks.

[00:21:38] Um, and thank God for Trish, for twosies book, the, you know, the business development playbook or the BDR playbook. I got that book. On Friday and I just poured through it over the weekend. And I came back Monday as the BDR manager. And I thank God for that book. It like helped me with everything, commission, design, [00:22:00] um, coaching one-on-one interviewing.

[00:22:02] I had to interview a bunch, you know, um, definitely a whole lot of learning and yeah, that’s the first time I really got exposure to the back end of Salesforce. Um, because we didn’t have like a rev ops person 

[00:22:15] yeah. Where life starts to get real exciting for you. Right? Like you love, you love some sales Wars.

[00:22:21] Right? 

[00:22:22] I do, but I didn’t really know what yet, like I liked it and it felt like, Oh, this is so fun to do. But like my real calling in life is outbound sales development. Um, and after about, 

[00:22:37] Brad: [00:22:37] do you feel that way still today, you feel like that’s still your calling. Um, 

[00:22:44] Jacki: [00:22:44] I think it’s a passion of mine and I think, and I absolutely love when I get to talk to like a BDR manager or, or a VP of sales who wants to do outbound, or it’s a brand new startup [00:23:00] and they want to do outbound.

[00:23:01] Like I get so excited and I think what I can really bring to the table is a system by which. Right. So I started at link squares as hire ten first lady hire, and I was brought on to build out, you know, the BDR program, the strategy to everything. Um, And really putting together like we were, I used outreach.

[00:23:26] I convinced outreach to send, sell me one seat. 

[00:23:30] Brad: [00:23:30] Oh,

[00:23:40] I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Jackie. We’ve got five seats. Let me go talk to my boss. You still have to buy five seats.

[00:23:50] Jacki: [00:23:50] Oh, yeah. Okay. 

[00:23:52] Brad: [00:23:52] That’s a fee. All right, so you talk, so you talk Salesforce, are you doing outreach into one license? Probably put [00:24:00] some pressure on them. 

[00:24:02] Jacki: [00:24:02] Yeah. Craig Hanahan. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, yeah. And just building out like a sequence. Call scripts account scoring that worked right. So the first DDR hire, um, shout out Claudia Del Mar her first day, that night she booked her first meeting.

[00:24:32] Um, it’s awesome. Right? So like being able to have a BDR straight out of college day one, or by day four is booking a meeting. Right. And it’s. Repeatable, right. Like building something that’s repeatable is just, I think that’s way more rewarding than me being an individual contributor. 

[00:24:56] Brad: [00:24:56] So I, I got to take, so there’s one thing that I really wanted [00:25:00] to talk about that you mentioned in the selling podcast, and I’m going to throw this out here and change the gears a little bit.

[00:25:05] Cause I want to make sure that we, that we cover this cause cause we’ll get, um, You’re in a second. We’ll have to start winding down. But the, um, you mentioned in the sellout podcast that when you were selling to attorneys, you talked about like how you, how you were, how your personality, their personality.

[00:25:23] I think there was something being thrown out about fish. Fish is an animal types, the disc and the animals and owls and sharks. And you’re hitting people, sharks in the face. 

[00:25:35] Jacki: [00:25:35] Yeah, exactly. It’s like how to get the attention of your, of the prospect and who you’re targeting is probably they’re probably going to be about the same.

[00:25:46] So yeah, we were calling into like leadership in corporate legal and CFOs. So they’re going to be like a strong D on the disc wheel, which is dominant. Um, and how you talk to a D [00:26:00] is bottom line up front. Um, you gotta get in there and demand their attention. If you come in, like do do, do, do do. They’re just going to be like squash next.

[00:26:12] Um, and so you really have to design your pitch and your wording and your style to who you’re going after. Right. Knowing your audience. Um, and so, yeah, I told them I was like my team. I was like, okay. Um, we’re calling into like CFOs and.  they’re like, they’re like the sharks of the ocean, right. They’re just like swimming around, like they own the place.

[00:26:36] And if you come up like a little like Guppy, like, Hey, do you want to buy my software? They’re just gonna like chump you, or like, just blow past. But if you, if a shark is coming after you to really like, get at them, you just punch them in the nose. Um, so that’s why I was like, you know, when you’re on, if you get a CFO on the, on the phone, you, you punch him right in the nose.

[00:27:00] [00:27:00] You do and they’ll, they’ll be so stunned. And then you can kind of like give your little pitch and by the time they’re waking back up, you say, does this sound like it might make a difference for you? And they’re just like, uh, 

[00:27:13] Brad: [00:27:13] Well, what’s funny is you said,  so you said that the attorneys and CFOs are high DS DCS, and that made me laugh because DNSc seems so contradictory to each other.

[00:27:30] Jacki: [00:27:30] Right. Yeah. Well nitty-gritty yeah, so it’s a, it’s a really tough persona to sell to because they want to know everything. They want to know all the details and they want to know them right now in like four words or less. Um, yeah. So you really have to kind of iterate on your messaging and your style until, you know, you find something that kind of works and yeah.

[00:27:55] It might not be your. Natural way of speaking to someone. [00:28:00] Right. I, I tend to lead with charm. These don’t really don’t love that. Especially DCS. They’re just like, I don’t know what you’re talking about, girl. 

[00:28:10] Brad: [00:28:10] So did you find that you had to tailor that back when you were phone prospecting? 

[00:28:15] Jacki: [00:28:15] Oh yeah. You have to change.

[00:28:18] You can’t expect people that you’re interrupting to get on your wavelength in what the. Two split seconds that you have to like get their attention. You have to speak in their love language. You have to be the interruption that would interrupt them, not you. 

[00:28:41] Brad: [00:28:41] Oh, what a great, what a great, what a great takeaway.

[00:28:43] You’ve gotta be the interruption. Yeah. What a great, I’m going to write that. That’s going to be the tweet of the day. The interruption or interrupts them, not interrupt you in that, in that true. Cause like I respond, I’m a high D and if somebody has any passive, [00:29:00] I try not to be like this, but just naturally any passive witty really turns me off.

[00:29:04] So if somebody calls, I 

[00:29:06] Jacki: [00:29:06] detect that you’ve got some I in there too. Enthusiastic. Yeah.

[00:29:14] Brad: [00:29:14] Um, so, um, yeah. That’s um, that’s yeah, so really funny, E that’s a great, that’s a great quote. You gotta be the interruption that interrupts them, the interrupts you, you gotta get on their wavelength. Um, so, um, so that’s, that’s awesome. So what’s the one thing that you’re the most passionate about? Right now. 

[00:29:34] Jacki: [00:29:34] ScreenFlows. 

[00:29:36] Brad: [00:29:36] Tell me about, tell me about ScreenFlow. 

[00:29:39] Jacki: [00:29:39] Gosh, I love them so much. Okay. So if you’re in Salesforce and there’s like a little screen that you can interact with, and it brings you to another screen that you can interact with and at the end, like you save it. And so I’ll do it for if you’re creating a new record, like almost like a little wizard.

[00:29:55] Um, so it kind of, if there’s like almost. [00:30:00] If you have to figure out what state is it, 10 before the city, right? The first screen is going to be like, what state? Next screen? It’s dynamic. So if you, if you pick Massachusetts is going to be Boston or, you know, Jonesboro. 

[00:30:13] Brad: [00:30:13] That’s awesome. Well, this has been a great interview.

[00:30:16] Thanks so much for sharing so many good takeaways. Um, so many things that I want to highlight, and I just can’t tell you how appreciative I am that you’d come on and thanks for sharing your story with us. And, uh, I know you’re, you’ll, you’ll have an impact, the people that are listening to the podcast. So thank you so much.

[00:30:33] All right. I want to thank Jacki. Thanks so much for being on the podcast. Thanks for being vulnerable. Thanks for sharing. Uh, some of the things that I took away is. The first one is talk about, uh, your recruiter, making a really big difference in your life and helping direct you in career transition.

[00:30:50] Remember guys, uh, people that are out there listening to the podcast, that you can be somebody for somebody else. Um, the other thing is that we’re that we’re all number [00:31:00] two someday. I’ll share you a really good story from. Um, the Starbucks founder about how bill Gates dad impacted his life, but just remember, uh, that you have an impact on your sphere of influence.

[00:31:11] The second thing is, uh, when life knocks you down or you get unexpected setbacks, you got to get up and make a plan and keep going and keep moving on. And, um, I just can’t tell you, thanks again so much, Jackie, for being on. I loved having you and, uh, guys, remember if you want more from the podcast, you want more about monster connect, go to monsterconnect.com/podcast. And as always, don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can .

[00:00:00] Jacki: [00:00:00] She could tell that I was awesome, but just a little bit defeated. And she just whipped me into shape. And any time that I started being like, well, uh, she’s like, “No, you’re awesome. You crushed it.” And I went in there and I got the job. 

[00:00:14] Brad: [00:00:14] Welcome to Decision Point, a podcast about overcoming adversity in sales and the growth that we experience in the process. I’m Brad Seaman.

[00:00:25] All right. Welcome to Decision Point. I’ve got an awesome interview for you today with a gal named Jacki Leahy. She is with Eustace consulting. She’s a former BDR manager. She’s been a real estate agent and a kindergarten teacher. And she’s going to talk about how to move from one life setback to another.

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