Use Sales Enablement Tools for Growth in 2016

Plotting your strategy for growth in 2016? Consider implementing (or expanding your use of) sales enablement tools to boost your chances of success. As it turns out, it’s one of the most successful investments a company can make, according to data compiled by the Aberdeen Group.

Companies who do adopt sales enablement tools or services are realizing a 71 percent increase in improved sales, year after year, the Aberdeen Group report revealed. But things can get fuzzy when it comes to defining exactly what’s considered sales enablement tools or services.

To strategically use sales enablement, you must grasp the breadth of what it can do for you. First, it’s important to define what it can mean for your team. According to Salesforce, the term is one of the most poorly defined terms in the sales industry. Some of that confusion led to Salesforce initiating research that led to the book, “Cracking the Sales Management Code.”

The team working on the research came up with this definition for sales enablement: “A collection of tasks and tools that are intended to improve the execution of key sales activities.” Those activities can vary widely, including making sales calls, identify and targeting top prospects, and managing major accounts.

But, one of the most interesting findings to come out of the study is the realization that the tasks and tools fall into one of four categories that reflect the lifecycle of a sales employee, Salesforce revealed.

The four categories that can improve with the utilization of sales enablement tools include:

Recruiting and hiring. You can use sales enablement to better understand the type of team members you need for your specific company and industry. Your team also can leverage them to determine the number of sales reps you need for the best results.

Training and coaching. Any sales manager understands the importance of continually training sales rep to ensure they are equipped to hit the company’s goals. Sales enablement can help you achieve this by helping sales reps improve on their activities.

Equipping. Of course, giving your sales reps the right tools to succeed in the field is critical. Sales enablement tools and services can equip your team to better communicate with prospects, process data and reports, and close deals.

Assessing. Sales enablement also gives you the ability to gauge how well team members are performing their activities and roles. It can give insights on how to improve performance across all the other three categories.

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