How to Get a Sales Appointment That Leads Somewhere

Depending upon which report you’re relying on, it could take anywhere from 6 to 13 touchpoints (emails, voicemails, meetings, etc.) with a prospect before they’re ready to buy whatever it is that you’re selling. Some sales experts say it can take even more in today’s complex sales and marketing environment.

But there’s still that first touchpoint — the one that could make or break your attempts to get to the second, third or even that 13th touchpoint. And it’s usually in the form of a cold call with a key decision-maker. Here are four things to consider to help you make the most of that crucial first contact.

1. Make it Personal

Generic pitches are a thing of the past. With today’s inbound marketing taking hold of virtually all B2B industries, you can count on your prospects already being knowledgeable about some aspect of your product and/or service. Well, if not yours, then likely those of your competitors. Do some research on the prospect, and draw upon any case studies of similar clients who have had great results with your companies. Be prepared to offer an enticing proposition of how you can help them solve a problem or gain an advantage over their competitors.

2. Engage in a Conversation

Don’t just spew out all the information that makes your company relevant and great. Use your research to pose some relevant questions about the prospect and her company, suggests Wendy Connick of the National Association of Sales Professionals. You don’t want to either of your time if it’s not a good match. If it is a good match, set an appointment for further discussion of solutions you can provide.

3. Offer a Show and Tell

A demo or a case study of another client with similar challenges is a good way to entice a prospect to agree to a follow-up appointment. Be clear about the time commitment involved in the presentation.

4. Schedule a Specific Date

Request a time for a follow-up, making sure you send a calendar reminder once agreed upon. By all means, avoid leaving a follow-up conversation to chance. If necessary, propose several dates and times to see if any of them will work out with the prospect.

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