3 Reasons You Need to Continue to Use Cold Calls

Technology has changed everything. Inbound. Outbound. Social. Emails. Marketing data. Those are just a few of the ingredients teams are using to come up with a strategy to hit their numbers in this increasingly complex world of sales. Yet, high-tech companies like Google, Yelp, and Groupon used the decades-old strategy of cold calling to help them achieve massive growth.

Here are 3 reasons why you should think about ways to maximize the use of cold calls as part of your sales strategy:

1. It’s One of Many Effective Ways to Reach Out

Anyone in the sales business realizes that you typically have to take several avenues to reach your goal. Consider it an integrated approach. Sort of like a three-legged stool. Or even a four-legged chair. With the combination of LinkedIn connections, referrals, emails, and phone calls, you’re increasing your ability to reach your prospect. Picking up the telephone to make contact is still part of a solid foundation of a sales strategy.

2. It Adds Personality

Cold calling actually could be the warmest component of your sales strategy — if you do it the right way. Consider the reasons your prospect might object to receiving your phone call. They’re on a deadline or in the middle of a project, for instance. When getting on the line, immediately acknowledge that likelihood and ask for a more opportune time to schedule an appointment. With that simple courtesy, you’re more likely to receive a more positive reception.

3. Companies Still Use Phones

While that big square box containing a pay phone has been regulated to vintage shops or museums, businesses still continue to use desk telephones as part of their office equipment. While these statistics are a few years old, research by International Data Corp. showed that the shipment of desktop phones to businesses grew by 4.5 percent between 2011 and 2012. It’s likely they’re not in the trash can yet. Many of these newer phones have features that integrate new technology, including enabling the transcribing of voice mails into texts and instant messages.

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