Build the Right Team of Players to Boost B2B Sales

Teamwork is one of those terms thrown around frequently in the business industry. We all know it’s important, but how much are we practicing it? And why should we? More successful outcomes should be a good reason for exploring teamwork, according to the Management Study Guide. Research, MSG experts said, repeatedly shows that organizations with clearly defined teams perform better than organizations that don’t emphasize the team structure.

As you fine-tune your quarterly strategy to hit your sales goals, consider how B2B trends can help you determine how you focus your energies when training your best team. Here are some moves you can make when building out the ideal team:

Knock down any silos with the marketing department.

More than likely, your company is among those generating massive amounts of content to ensure that buyers can find their answers online — preferably on your site — as they search for the best products and services to meet their needs.

The team that builds out this content, more than likely your marketing department, are the frontline players on your team — whether you work in the same department or not. Break down the silo. Make an effort to communicate with the marketing team, including writers, to ensure that you’re on the same page in producing the collateral that meets’ client needs.

Here’s another important point. Make sure you convey to your marketing team what constitutes a solid lead. According to Marketing Sherpa, marketing teams sent 61 percent of all leads directly to the sales team. However, only 27 percent of the leads were determined to be qualified.

Keep the competition among your sales reps healthy.

Human nature doesn’t change much. Many of us are motivated by competition. Build a healthy sense of competition among your sales team by setting goals and milestones, holding motivational huddles and celebrating successes.

According to MSG, it’s a good strategy. “Competition is always good for the employee as well as the organization as every individual feels motivated to perform better than his other team member,” MSG said.

Build out your team of support players.

Everyone needs help. Sales reps, despite their reputation for working 12 to 14 hours a day, are no exception. According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, they may be working long hours but not all of them are all that productive. If they’re working an average 8-hour work day (instead of those 12 to 14 hours), more than likely they’re only spending 39 percent of their time on actual sales activities.

The remainder of their time is spent on answering emails, searching for information and other tasks. Maybe it’s time to assign those tasks to a team of employees who can easily take them over.

With sales enablement solutions, you can tap into technology and people to assist in the sales process. Explore your options for assisting your players with the support they need to perform better.

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