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3 Ways to Shorten Your Company’s Sales Cycle

It’s simple mathematics. If your sales reps can accomplish more in less time, you’ve significantly increased their potential to hit or exceed their sales goals. With advances in technology, it’s becoming increasingly possible to make that a reality.

With sales enablement tools gaining popularity as one of the ways that the industry will significantly change, here are a look at 3 ways you could shave time off your team’s sales cycle.

1. Use Sales Enablement Tools

While the definition of a sales enablement tool can vary widely, it’s generally considered a systematic process that focuses on boosting sales productivity by focusing on customer data. For your sales team, it could mean that they’re able to quickly access information about their leads in less time — gathering specific insights from your inbound marketing efforts. How can this shorten the sales cycle? Your team will gain the ability to have conversations tailored to prospects — eliminating the need to start from scratch. They also will have the intel to better qualify prospects, avoiding wasted time on those who aren’t.

2. Deploy Sales Prospecting Enablement Tools

Designed specifically for the prospecting phase of the sales cycle, sales prospecting enablement solutions can help your team gain significant efficiencies by deploying more resources. With the cold calling process, for example, a sales prospecting enablement solution can boost the number of calls made per day. With the number of conversations made by sales rep declining in some industries, this could be a significant addition to your sales arsenal.

According to the Bridge Group’s 2015 Inside Sales for SaaS report, sales reps for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies reported having 6.6 conversations daily — down from 9.5 conversations per day in 2012. That drop likely correlates with another statistic, according to the Bridge Group report: “We have found that more conversations per day is correlated with higher quota attainment.”

3. Talk to the Right People

Your sales reps could be talking to all the wrong people before getting to the ones who are the decision-makers. This can eat away a lot of hours, even days. Use sales enablement tools to identify the right people in the organization — those who can more quickly deliver a yes or no to your sales pitch.

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