B2B Sales


Scaling a New Sales Process on the Fly with Scott Cowley

Just a little over a year ago, HeySummit didn’t have a true sales team and was focused on helping small, scrappy creators connect with their audiences through virtual events. Almost overnight, everything changed. Head of Agency Scott Cowley was tasked with creating a new sales process for a completely new type of customer on the fly. And the results have been stellar.


Giving Your “Resiliency Bank” a Boost with Stephanie Blair

As an executive coach, Stephanie Blair is passionate about unlocking high achiever’s potential and helping good leaders grow into great leaders. And although 2020 presented unforeseen challenges for her clients, the overarching theme of the past year has been one of resiliency. She joined us on Decision Point to share a few of those stories.


Separating “Identity” from “Role” with Patrick Downs

Anyone who has worked in sales knows that it is all too easy to let the ebbs and flows of the job impact your state of mind – for better or for worse. Patrick Downs is the Sales Enablement and Training Manager at PandaDoc, and as a sales leader and coach, he’s passionate about helping sales reps separate their role from their identity.