5 Steps to More B2B Sales Leads

How’s your pipeline? As you already know, generating high-quality leads is among your top concerns and, sometimes, toughest challenge in B2B sales. And, more than likely, you’re aware of the importance of creating content and building relationships with your customers. But if your results have been sluggish lately, take a look at these 5 great ways to generate high-quality leads:

1. Start a podcast: Podcasts have been around for over 10 years, and they only seem to be gaining more attention every day. Consumers and businesses alike are jumping at the chance to use this as a tool to get their messages out to the masses. The reason this audio format is so great is because you can download and listen to podcasts on any mobile device. Podcasting is growing exponentially, and an engaging consistent podcast can be an outlet to promote your business online.

2. Online forums and webinars: These are perfect for finding and starting conversations online. They give you the opportunity to build relationships and harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. An example of this would be if you visit a forum and someone starts a conversation wondering what the best marketing automation software is. This allows you to step into the conversation and promote your product. Engaging customers in this way shows that you care and creates a sense of trust in your company.

3. Give Pinterest a chance: By using images to convey messages, Pinterest clears the clutter and makes way for people who don’t have the time to read long blog posts to easily find what they’re looking for. With over 100 million users, this social media platform was created to act as a tool to encourage people to buy. Why not use it for B2B sales leads too?

4. Create better landing pages: What makes up a successful landing page for one business doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for all businesses. It’s important for landing pages to incorporate the appropriate page elements for your target audience. The best way to analyze the successfulness of landing pages is to perform split testing regularly.

5. Don’t stop content marketing: The key to content marketing is providing your customers with valuable information. This is another way to build trust between your customers and your business. Many businesses are already using content marketing, but not many are doing it right. Make your business an influencer in your industry by getting content marketing done right, paying attention to analytics, and giving your customers useful knowledge of your business and products.

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