4 Easy Steps to Updating Your Company’s Elevator Speech

Quick. Can you explain what your company does in just 2 minutes? 1 minute? 30 seconds? What about the other employees at your company? The marketing team? The sales team?

If it’s been awhile since anyone on your team has tested your company’s elevator speech, take a few minutes to walk around the office to ask several people a simple question: “What do we do as a company?” You may be surprised at the outcome. If the answers are bland and disjointed — along the lines of “We are a software company based in the Midwest,” it may be time for an update.

An effective elevator speech — one that can be enthusiastically communicated within a minute — could open the door to more brand awareness and, quite possibly, more sales.

Here are 4 easy steps to making your elevator speech more effective:

1. Focus on What You Offer Clients

When you communicate client successes to your entire team, you’re giving them a clearer idea of what it is that you’re doing as a company. Let’s say that you work for a marketing company. Or a software company. Regularly share how your services and solutions are improving outcomes for your clients, whether it’s increased sales or gains in efficiencies. Use this information to help you craft an elevator speech that focuses on how your team addresses challenges and delivers results. Be specific.

2. Repeat Your Brand Name

Without sounding like a rehearsed commercial, throw in your company’s name more than once. You want to leave that brand impression.

3. Express What Makes You Different

There are hundreds of hamburger joints. Likewise, there probably are dozens of companies that do what you do. Highlight at least one thing that makes you stand out. It could be as simple as the company culture.

4. Ask a Question

Have a few more seconds? Remember, it’s not all about you. While you’re not trying to make a sale within a 30- to 60-second conversation, you do want to engage your audience by asking them what they do — and if they have experienced any challenges particular to their business. If your company may be a good fit, go for a simple ask — a telephone conversation or a meeting.

Elevator speeches are not for sales reps alone. Make sure all employees throughout the building are able to effectively express the company’s elevator speech in a way that’s comfortable for each of them.

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