5 Ways to Reinvent and Improve Your Sales Techniques

We’re all guilty of it: When we’ve spent any time doing something — whether a job or a task, we’re likely to fall into a rut. Suddenly, you’re relying on the same routine to get the job done. It’s no different in the sales field. However, with the digital revolution stirring things up, what worked yesterday very well may do little for you tomorrow.

Keep challenging yourself to adapt to a changing marketplace by switching things up a bit. Here are 5 ways to reinvent your sales techniques. Some of them are traditional techniques that could just work in today’s digitally-saturated environment, while others could require you to test some new tools or stretch a bit. Take a look, and pick several.

1. Give a Presentation

Put yourself out there by offering to talk about a relevant topic during a workshop, a webinar, networking event or a conference. If you’re not comfortable with a large audience, start small by hosting a session at your company. Be careful not to turn anyone off by giving a sales presentation on your company’s services or products. Focus on making it informational only. However, be sure to request email addresses to allow you to follow up.

2. Ask for Referrals

Guess what helps top sales performers hit and exceed their goals? They’re not afraid to ask for referrals. According to one study, sales representatives who actively seek out referrals earn four to five times more than their peers.

3. Explore and Use New Tools

We all realize that change can be good, but it can be incredibly challenging to adapt. Stretch yourself by exploring new sales enablement tools that can help you and the rest of your sales team shorten the sales cycle and gain other efficiencies.

4. Keep Calling

Did you know that 80 percent of closed sales require you to make at least 5 follow-up calls — after your meeting? But are you like 44 percent of sales reps who give after making one follow-up call? From now on, make sure that you keep picking up the phone.

5. Develop Partnerships

Host an event and invite other companies to co-present different sessions. Make sure you actively network when meeting attendees, exchanging those business cards.

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