The Cold Calling Matrix

It’s no secret that most sales reps hate cold calling. It’s probably their least favorite task.

Why is it so painful? Here are three common pains that hinder B2B phone prospecting:

  • It’s inefficient. Traditional cold calling takes time, limiting reps to only 47 calls a day, on average.
  • It’s difficult. Connecting sales reps with executive decision-makers can be extremely hard, rendering much of their efforts fruitless.
  • It’s unpredictable. Building and maintaining a good prospecting team is a constant challenge since sales is so volatile.

Over the years, however, different technologies and services have become available to help alleviate the pain of cold calling. And these functions fall on two different scales: speed and sophistication.

We’ve developed what we like to call the “Cold Calling Matrix”, which shows a variety of functions and where they fall on the scale.


As you can see, the x-axis is classified by slow & tedious or fast & easy, while the y-axis represents the sophistication of the sales rep.

Here’s a breakdown of this graphic by function:

  • Traditional cold calling is done by sophisticated reps, but it is extremely slow and tedious.
  • Power dialers are also used by sophisticated reps, but it can still be slow and tedious.
  • In-house call centers help take away some of the pain of dialing, but the sophistication of the reps isn’t as high.
  • Outsourced call centers or appointment setting firms can speed up the process significantly, but an outsourced team doesn’t know your product as well.
  • Finally, team dialing is both fast & easy and involves sophisticated sales reps. Your reps are still talking to decision makers, but you are outsourcing the connecting function.

Team dialing eliminates wasteful prospecting by replacing cold calling with live conversations with decision-making prospects without having to dial.

Our unmatched blend of fast dialing and routing technology, efficient outbound prospecting service, and scalable community of live agents delivers a week’s worth of prospecting in just one hour for 40X better results.

We make the calls, you close the deals. Request a demo today.

Stop Dialing, Start Closing.

Use MonsterConnect’s Team Dialing solution to eliminate cold calling and connect with decision-makers faster.

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