3 Game-Changing Tips for Developing a New Sales Strategy

Taking time to review and revise your sales strategy is always a good investment. Whether you do it at the beginning of the calendar year or fiscal, creating a quantified road map for achieving sales success will help to shorten the distance between you and your sales goals.

As you work on creating a sales strategy for 2016, here are a few essential steps that can help eliminate ambiguity and clarify the specific activities needed for targeted growth.

Put It in Writing

Most sales strategies are easily summarized into a single dollar amount. You know how much you need to sell in order to meet and exceed the bottom line. But a good sales strategy is one that identifies how you plan to hit that fiscal target with equal emphasis on both growth and activity. Whether you organize your thoughts in a traditional outline, visual maps, or endless bullet points, create a written narrative to accompany your spreadsheets.

Break It Down

While your overall sales goal might be to sell a million widgets over the next 12 months, your sales strategy needs to break that goal down into specific and measurable parts. How many widgets will you sell quarterly? How many of those sales will come from returning customers and how many from new? Are you selling your widgets to a specific industry or sector? How many of your customers are local, regional, national or international? Ask yourself as many questions as possible as you create each part of your plan and use your answers to shape a concise course of action.

Try Something New

No matter how solid your sales team or how successful your sales, there is always room for growth and improvement. If it’s your job to achieve that growth, take the time to see what’s new in your sector, what changes in technology or research might be impacting the overall climate affecting your sales abilities. Digital sources abound for discovering new ways to keep your sales team motivated and your customers returning. Take the time to seek them out before you plan the year ahead. Make it a priority to implement at least one new activity or approach.

A written plan that details fiscal objectives and identifies the specific actions needed to achieve sales goals with proven and new tactics is an essential part of any successful sales strategy. Taking the time to create a thoughtful and accurate roadmap before you embark is essential for you and your sales team if you want to arrive at your destination successfully.

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