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3 Tips to Increase Your Sales Productivity

When making sales calls, your team may feel like they’re engaged in an endless game of “Where are you now?” as they try to make a connection with a person who can make a decision. They’re gathering data to make meaningful conversations. They’re checking email. As a matter of fact, they actually may be spending much less time doing what they should be doing – selling, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report published by Hubspot.

Here’s the breakdown of a salesperson’s workday:




Reading emails


Searching for and gather information


Internal communication

Help your sales team move toward a more effective workday with the following tips:

1. Decrease the Time Spent on Email

According to Dr. Tom Sant, a partner at Hyde Park Partners, a consulting firm, checking emails can quickly get out of hand — draining valuable time. While email can be an important part of your sales strategy, it also can lead to confusing messages that can slow the progress toward a closed sale. Use that time instead to selling, he said.

2. Increase Efficiency

While making calls is a core part of your sales strategy, it can be incredibly frustrating for your team to make calls that go nowhere. Hire entry-level sales assistants or outsource teams that can be dedicated to the business of making the initial outreach, while your senior sales reps can focus on talking to key decision-makers.

3. Be Concise in Your Messaging

Make sure you get to the point quickly, recognizing that the prospect you’re dealing with today is much more savvy than the one you dealt with 5 to 6 years, thanks to the ability to research options online. Train your team to adapt their messaging to each client, making sure not to explain material they may already be familiar with as a result of their own research.

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