Focus on your presales strategy to gain a higher sales volume

Ready to increase your sales? Of course, you are. Besides analyzing your marketing strategies, closing techniques, and training of your sales reps, you could get significant gains by putting your presales capabilities under a microscope, according to the Harvard Business Review.

In studying companies internationally, HBR came to this conclusion: Companies who were determined to have strong presales strategies consistently gained win rates of 40 to 50 percent in new business and 80 to 90 percent in renewals — significantly higher than average rates.

When properly outlined and executed, these presales activities can provide the groundwork for what comes next in the sales process — qualifying, winning and renewing deals. As outlined by HBR, your strategy should involve a team of experts devoted to developing technical solutions that address customers’ specific problems. Another team should be devoted to commercial tasks, such as managing deal qualifications and bids. These activities can have two to three times more impact on revenue generation than generating leads, according to HBR.

Whether or not you’re ready to hire additional employees, you may be able to gain some insights on some of the functions presales consultants can provide a sales team. Or, if you’re ready to make those hires, here are a few things you should know about these consultants, according to the sales recruitment firm Finiti Search.

  1. They have areas of expertise. Primarily, presales consultants act as subject matter experts (SME) in a specific field, such as technology. To stay competitive in their fields, they are aggressive in researching develops. They also understand the current and future market, product and competitor landscape.
  1. They provide one-on-one consulting. They typically are expected to join sales reps on calls with prospects and clients. They also are capable of delivering in-depth presentations and product demonstrations.
  1. They are hands-on in assessing products. They generate ideas to help the company with innovations that help it stay competitive in the industry. They also work with Product Managers to provide feedback from clients about product requirements.

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