4 Ways to Help Your Employees Adapt to Change

Getting employees to adapt to change always has been a challenge for team leaders and managers. As Harvard Business Review points out, it’s human nature to resist change — with reasons ranging from feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty to loss of control.

However, in the sales industry, failure to adapt to the constantly evolving B2B market could be a sure indicator of future failure. Here are 4 ways you can help your employees adapt to using new sales technologies and sales strategies:

1. Clearly explain the value proposition

This may require some homework on your part, but if you’ve invested in a new sales tool you should have already vetted how it has worked to benefit other companies. Numbers talk. Go into detail about how the new sales tool or sales approach is working to boost sales for other companies, and outline how it can be used to accelerate growth among your team.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Talk about what will happen if your team doesn’t take the initiative to compete in your industry. Again, don’t just talk without the research to back it up. All it takes is looking at trends in the B2B industry to uncover extensive research on where it is heading. Present these findings to your team.

3. Invite Individuals to Talk to You Personally About their Concerns

If you’re having group discussions about new initiatives and new tools, seldom will you have a team member with the courage to speak up and say “I don’t get it.” Send out personal emails to invite employees to talk you individually about the changes coming their way. If at all possible, schedule one-on-one meetings specifically to talk about those changes — whether they ask for them or not. Probe to make sure you sort out any hesitations about the impending changes.

4. Provide Plenty of Training

Maybe a previous tool didn’t work out as planned — or the team never got around to truly adopting it. Avoid this problem by rolling out an extensive training process. In doing so, you’re conveying the importance of the new initiative as well as ensuring that your team is equipped to fully utilize it.

Change is not only good. In the B2B industry, it can be essential in staying competitive. At MonsterConnect, we want to help you strategize ways of making your sales prospecting more effective. Talk to us about a sales enablement tool that will help your reps spend less time on cold calling and more time on talking to key decision-makers. Contact us for a demo.

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