Adaptability is the Key to Staying Ahead in the World of B2B Sales

It’s no surprise that each day more and more consumers of all ages are heading to the Internet to do their shopping. It’s no wonder that B2B buyers are going there too. Actually, 94 percent of B2B buyers are making their purchase decisions after doing research online, according to a study performed by Aquity Group.

This does not mean you are no longer needed as a B2B sales rep or manager. You simply need the ability to adapt your techniques and skills to keep up with emerging technology and trends. Some buyers are more savvy when it comes to navigating the Web. Some … well, not so much.

Learn to Adapt

To create an approach based on your customers’ needs, you need to be able to know where they are on this spectrum. This involves having a deeper understanding and use of analytics, CRM systems, and other digital tools available to you.

Social media and email marketing are also things you could look at as tools turning buyers away from the need for face-to-face interaction. However, the exact opposite is true. These tools are excellent ways for you to get your face right in front of the consumer. Make video tutorials, conduct webinars, create a podcast, and include these in your social media and Internet marketing campaigns. These are also some of the best tools to get your name out there as a subject matter expert in your field.

Alignment is Key

There are so many ways to adapt to customers all across the tech-savvy to not so tech-savvy spectrum. This makes it necessary for you to be able to align your communications among the tools mentioned above.

Is it impossible? No. Is it easy? Maybe not at first. Is it necessary? Yes. Growing technologies are making adaptability a necessity not only in the B2B arena, but for all industries. Being able to adapt is a great way to grow your relationships with current customers, and create new ones. Have fun with it.

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