4 Ways to Stand Out in the B2B Sales Crowd

The B2B marketing strategies that seem to be working for you today could very well completely falter in a couple of tomorrows. With innovative technologies being introduced daily, consumers will continue to change their habits. And you don’t want to be the sales team that’s trying to catch up.

Staying ahead means keeping up with the latest B2B marketing strategies — from using social media in new ways to reach clients to adapting to new developments in online advertising. It also requires dedication to creating appealing content and evaluating the results. Here are some key factors that will help you get noticed — no matter how much technology changes.

Know Your Audience

It might seem simple to know who you’re marketing to. However, that can lead to being pushed into a corner and not extending your full reach. When you take time to actually define your target audience with the use of personas or other tools, you’ll be able create a comprehensive approach to creating content directed purposefully to them. This also assists in determining where potential customers are looking for information about your product or service, the best times of day to post your content, and what their search patterns are.

Set Realistic Achievable Goals

To achieve optimal outcome with your campaigns, you must plan ahead. Set achievable goals and create a roadmap for how you expect to get there. Whether your strategies are large or small, it’s important not to put a ton of money into all of the different marketing tools right away. Do your research, test each strategy, and then decide which brings the highest rate of return on your time and money invested.

Effective Email Campaigns and Mobile Marketing

One of the oldest advancements in the history of the B2B marketing industry is email. And it’s still a go-to tool for small and large companies. When following best practices, you effectively leverage email to generate leads. Most people check their emails on tablets or smart phones. So it’s vital to design emails that are mobile-friendly to get the best results.

Measure Your Campaigns

There’s no point in using all of this great advice if you aren’t measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. According to a survey conducted by Pardot, 20 percent of marketers don’t measure marketing-sourced leads at all, and 35 percent aren’t using lead nurturing for less-qualified leads. If you aren’t measuring the results of your campaigns, how will you know what worked and what didn’t? This is vital to improving future campaigns.

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