Social Media Tips to Add to Your B2B Sales Toolbox

Are you prepared for the shift from physical to digital in the B2B sales industry? According to a recent Bain & Company survey, only 12 percent of large technology or industrial companies are. Buying and selling cycles are becoming separate entities due to the large amount of information available to prospective customers online.

So, here’s an important question for you: How do you find those potential customers and get your company in front of them before your competitors?

The best way to do this is to create valuable, influential, and authentic content and get that content in their sights by distributing it across multiple platforms where these potential buyers will be searching. Monitor social media to find out where customers are talking about you. If they’ve already started a conversation, this will allow you to engage with them directly.

Here are 3 Social Media Tips to Add to Your B2B Sales Toolbox

Make Your Company Stand Out

Highlight the reasons why buyers should be coming to you instead of the competitor, whether it’s cost reduction or the reliability of your product. Gain trust by becoming known as an expert in your field. A great example of this is promoting an informative blog post on LinkedIn.

Educate Your Visitors

Add informational content to your website, such as blog posts, e-books, and tutorials. These types of content show customers that you are aware of their needs and questions and you want to help them and provide them with answers before they have to ask. You can then promote this content on social media too.

Share Interesting and Relevant News

Create and share content that buyers will relate to on social media. Discuss your company’s core values, charitable work your company does, or the company’s mission statement and why it’s important. This will get customers to identify with and trust your brand.

Social media is not only a great tool for the B2B sales industry, it’s now a necessary tool to become more familiar with and use to your advantage. As long as you make a few adaptations, you should be well on your way to being prepared for the ongoing digital shift.

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